Monday, October 08, 2007

Erin's Birthday Surprise!

The Plan: To surprise Erin for her 30th birthday
The Culprits: Nicole & myself (also involving: Shawn, Phil, Melinda, Kellie, & Tim)
The Outcome: Success! (See photo below)...

Thursday evening Nicole & I boarded a plane headed for Arizona. We arrived at 9:30 pm & were at Erin's house waiting for her by 10:45 pm. We waited...and waited...and waited. I double checked with Shawn (Erin's husband) to make sure that she didn't normally stay out too late - he assured me she didn't. So we waited...

At 12:30 am Miss Erin showed up. The first thing she saw upon entering the house was how clean it was (good job Shawn & Teri). As she came around the corner, she saw Nicole & I sitting in her living room. The above photo is her face followed by an 'Oh My Gosh!'. It was perfect. She had no idea we were coming & we were very proud of ourselves for keeping the secret. (Although it did help that I didn't call Erin for the past few weeks because I was SO excited about going to see her that I was afraid I would make up some weird thing I was doing on her birthday weekend like...hunting for raccoons...). So a few white lies & no phone calls to Erin in recent weeks made our surprise a success. And don't worry, I cleared up the lies. :)

The next day we went to lunch. This is Erin at her birthday lunch with her cake. It was DELISH!

After lunch we went for pedicures. Guess who got the French manicure with pink instead of white?! :)

And here are my lovely ladies at Erin's birthday dinner.

Erin did a wonderful re-cap of the weekend on her blog with a lot more details. It was a fantastic weekend & I'm so sad it had to end. I'm also sad that I'm no longer in 95 degree sunny weather - but we won't discuss you Erin! So glad you had a good birthday!
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Kelly said...

How fun! Sounds like it was a good weekend!