Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Have To Say...

That I'm proud of my baby (yep, already). I've been able to keep all food down since last Monday - that's 9 1/2 days people! A record for me as of 4 months there has been much celebration (mostly by me - a little bit by Tim) & much eating. Well, not *too* much, the right amount, me thinks.

Yes, that's all this post is about. I'm happy, healthy, & eating!! And baby girl is getting bigger & is apparently happy & healthy too. Hooray!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Update...

This weekend was filled with friends & lots of fun!! Friday night we had our friends Katie & Adam from small group at church over for dinner. After dinner we played some games, then headed to Corban for their Lumberjack Games. It didn't begin until 9:30 - which is when I realized how 'old' I have become. Starting something at 9:30 in college is no big deal, however these days, I feel like a champion if I stay up past 9:30. Goodness gracious how times have changed...

The Lumberjack games were super fun to watch. They did all kinds of things with logs, including pushing each other off of said log into a pool - when it was around 11 pm at night & somewhere around 40 degrees. Burrrrrrr! Luckily for us, there was lots of hot chocolate to drink while we watched these crazy boys.

Saturday morning/afternoon was very lazy for me - I loved it!! I slept, read my book, chatted on the phone to my friend Georgina, & then in the late afternoon, I started to be a 'little bit' productive. Saturday evening our dear friends Ben & Amanda came over for dinner & to carve pumpkins. I snapped this photo of Amanda Pants - 33 weeks along. Only 6 1/2 ish more weeks until their baby girl should arrive!! Isn't she so cute?

Today consisted of church, lunch with some church friends, then coming home to set up Tim's new game - Guitar Hero World Tour. It's like Rock Band - but for the X-Box. We played this most of the afternoon & into the evening. I'm not as hard core as he is, so I slipped out for a nap & to read more of my book. It's a fun game though...I would recommend it. :) I also graded some papers & got ready for school this week. Now I'm off to change the sheets on the bed & then climb in! Hooray!!! Hope your weekend was as splendid as mine!
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Wow! Thank you for all of the comments & a few suggestions on new names in the comments! How fun to read all of them!! Thank you, thank you!

I must not have phrased last nights post very well. What I'm really wanting to know is if YOU have any good girl names. We are looking for suggestions. The names I put on the previous post are only ones we are discussing, I don't think either of us are in love with any of we are hoping for more/different/better options.

So, with this clarification - what do you have for us?! :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Can You Help Me?

...we are currently in the process of finding baby girl names. If our baby does happen to be a 20%er, his name will be Jude Timothy. But as of right now, we are operating on the 80% chance of a girl - we need name suggestions. We have a list going that we pass back & forth & cross out what we don't like from the other. :) So far our list includes:


Can you help us?!?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beach Weekend...

Last weekend we met our family (Tim's side) at the beach for a weekend celebration of Richard's birthday (my father-in-law). We had a wonderful time!! We enjoyed a fabulous home to stay in, played games, ate (although I was super picky :( , talked, and hung out. The beach was a little too chilly - so we spent part of one afternoon there & that was enough for the two of us. It was a great weekend spent with lots of love & laughter. I didn't get a lot of pictures - but here are some of what we have.

My sweet nephew & I reading a book...

Tim's youngest brother Randy & his girlfriend Nikki...

Eli & Grandma hanging out...

Baby Silas - so precious...

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It's About Time For...

...a new post!! I'm starting to get nasty comments on my blog from people that shall remain nameless - so I thought I'd come out of hiding to post a new post.

Things are going well for us. We had an ultrasound this past week & our tech is 80% sure that.....

It's a GIRL!!!

However, I'm refraining from scheduling a party until it is confirmed in a few weeks at my doctor's office. So for now, I'm enjoying the possibility of a baby girl. I just assumed that God would give us a boy (as did Tim), mostly because I'm so girlie & thought He might want to balance me out a little. :) Maybe our baby girl will be a 'tom-boy'.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


So after the stomach flu for 36+ hours - I'm happy to report that I'm alive and well. So is baby. We had a baby appointment this afternoon & heard the heartbeat again. My doctor said all is well for baby. As for me - I'll be fine too. The good news is I haven't gained any weight yet in my pregnancy & as you'll see in a picture below - I am I guess baby is using up some of my 'extra'. :)

I was blessed to have my sister & the girls come down yesterday afternoon to take care of me. Laura arrived & started helping with laundry, sorting my clothes that don't fit & making room for ones that do (thank you Beth!! I LOVE them!!), changing sheets, disinfecting the house, cleaning the litter box, going grocery shopping - etc. THANK YOU LAURA!!!

And I was very happy today that she was able to accompany me to my baby doctor appointment - I think she enjoyed that opportunity too. So fun. All is well.

Around 5:00 I got a call from my SIL that they were coming through town & were stopping for dinner - we went to meet them & for the first time ever, I got to have all of my nieces & nephews in one location! That was so fun for me. We had a great dinner (thank you Jeff for switching dinners with me-fickle pregnant lady) & then snapped a few photos before we left.

All in all my week is shaping up quiet nicely - I'm very thankful. And very blessed.

Eli, Melia, Auntie, Silas, Nellie

Me at 13 1/2 weeks (no - it didn't use to stick out that far - I promise)... :)

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Happy Birthday To You... dear Erin. I hope that your day was everything you hoped it would be. I wish I could have been there again this year to help you celebrate. Below are some of my favorite pics from your birthday last year. I wish you a year filled with more love, joy, & peace than you could imagine. I love you dearly!! Happy birthday!!

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The List...

So I don't have any fancy pictures to share, or radical stories to retell, or a killer contest to interest you in...

I've just been enjoying a weekend at home with my husband. Today consisted of sleeping in, spending time with Tim, taking naps (notice the plural - oops!), and cleaning up the house. It's been a good day - relaxing, productive, & quality time with my love. What more could I ask for?