Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Days

We've been enjoying this wonderful sunny weather that we've been having this last week! Hooray for the sun!! With the sun comes lots of berries, veggies, & walks. Ella Roo & I have been enjoying all of these this last week. Strawberries have been a theme in the house especially. Here are a few pics from the last couple of days to show you what we've been up to:

Fun ride in a box from Daddy at Aunt Amanda's house yesterday:

I LOVE the look on her face in this one. Box riding must be very exciting!

Strawberry pie that I made on Saturday:

Amanda-Pants & me after 33 jars of jam. :) Exhausted are we....or just dramatic...

Eloise is now officially 15 months old. She weighs 22.4 pounds & is 30 inches long. She is still not walking, but bear-crawling, pulling up on everything & walking along the walls - it won't be long now.

She can make lots of animal noises when you ask her: monkey, elephant, lion, kitty, doggy, fishy (my current fav.), owl, bird, cow, duck (my second fav).

She also says: Up, down, this, no, yes, nigh nigh (night night), bye bye, hi, ball (for ball & balloon), banana, cheese, & cracker

She signs drink now in addition to please, thank you, all done, & more.

She kisses her stuffed animals & then hands them to me for me to kiss them too.

Last night she signed please & then said 'nigh-nigh'. Melted my heart. And yes, I put her to bed. Sweetie-pie.
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thought You Might Need To Know...

I thought you might need to know that right now this place is giving away free shake coupons!! That's right - FREE shakes! Tonight, Tim & I were on a date (yae us!!) & we stopped by between Red Robin & Craft Warehouse (that's right, he knows what makes a girl smile!) for a bogo shake. We ordered 3 (one for him, one for me & one for our sweet babysitter) & because we had 3 not 4, they gave us a coupon for a free shake.

I'm excited.

Kristi's Wine

This past weekend my dear friend Kristi celebrated her retirement from school. She had an oh-so-fun party at her house, complete with lots of good friends, food, drinks, & fun. Congratulations Kristi - I'm SOO happy for you.

To help celebrate my friend, I made her a 'custom label' :) for her wine. I purposely picked a wine with a plain label so I could scrap-it-up. (Notice adorable new Coach purse in the background??? I *heart* it).

The back...I had to put one of Kristi's favorite sayings on it. :)

And because I can't resist these two, another pool party photo from Amanda's birthday. Eloise & Miss Sophia exploring toys in the pool:

Hope your week is going great!
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Last week the weather here began to feel like summer (never-mind that today it rained, hailed, & the sun did come out - oh Oregon). We got in some fun summer dress time, fun new hair dos & even a dip in the pool!!

Getting ready for Auntie Kristi's retirement party:

Fancy hair for the party:

At Auntie Amanda's 30th birthday party - it was 80+ degrees, so Sophia & Eloise swam in the pool!!

Splashing and making waves....

We plan to play lots more in the pool, as soon as the weather heats up again....whenever that may be.
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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Family Photos

I thought it would be fun to show the past 3 years Memorial Day weekend family photos.

This is from the first year 2008

2009 (notice the new family member??)

2010 - the latest installment

I treasure these memories & these photos.
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Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Laura & I concocted the recipe for a great weekend this past Memorial Day. Here it is:

1 honey smoked ham
6 dozen eggs
5 cans of biscuits
$90 worth of salmon halibut & prawns
1 lb of Starbucks coffee
1 key lime pie
3 boxes of girl scout cookies
1 box of ginger cookies
3 bags of chips
1 bottle of whiskey
2 bottles of wine
2 containers of oil
3 batches of hush puppies
19 hamburgers
$12 of fire wood

Mix together until combined with:
1 Nana from SC, 2 Grandparents from ID, 2 daughters with husbands & kids from OR & WA, & 1 bat in the garage...
Well, actually, I could have done without the bat.

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Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Better late than never, right? Right. Here are some photos from our get-away to the beach this past Memorial Day weekend. My family has started a tradition (3 years going strong) that we rent a beach house for the weekend & Nana comes out to visit. I love this weekend. I look forward to it all year, it means just the family, just playing together, eating great food, & relaxing. This weekend was my favorite one so far. Here are some pics:

Auntie Laura & Nana spoiling Eloise with some pie:

Group shot (usually we do this outside, but this year it was raining - boo!):

Nana & Laura hugging goodbye.

Eloise licking Nana one last time...

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Monday, June 07, 2010

Eloise this week...

Here are a few random photos from our past week. Once the rest of the pics are uploaded, I will do a recap on our Memorial Day weekend trip to the beach....but until then, here are some other photos for your viewing enjoyment.

My two loves at the beach last weekend. Look at Ella-Roo's curls! It was misting out & that's all of the encouragement that they needed - I hope the curls stay...

Enjoying sticking her tongue out at her Mama (this is allowed....for now).

This is Eloise yesterday - she received rave reviews on her dress & rad boots at church.

And this is my little pumpkin today. Look! I got a sprout in her hair!! Shhhh - don't tell her it's in there. As we speak, it's still intact!

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Uh oh!

P1040557, originally uploaded by dickieadams.

Look what Eloise learned how to do today...