Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Better late than never, right? Right. Here are some photos from our get-away to the beach this past Memorial Day weekend. My family has started a tradition (3 years going strong) that we rent a beach house for the weekend & Nana comes out to visit. I love this weekend. I look forward to it all year, it means just the family, just playing together, eating great food, & relaxing. This weekend was my favorite one so far. Here are some pics:

Auntie Laura & Nana spoiling Eloise with some pie:

Group shot (usually we do this outside, but this year it was raining - boo!):

Nana & Laura hugging goodbye.

Eloise licking Nana one last time...

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Laura said...

Fun Fun weekend!!! Thx for posting pics.

Andrea said...

Sweet :).
I love how you and Warla got dressed up for the picture :).

Faith said...

A little late looking - Jacob & Asher have been here. Nana must taste yummy. Love it!