Friday, February 26, 2010


It's almost March, which means it's *almost* time for my Guest Designer position on Shimmerz blog! I'm SOOOO excited. Go here to see what's new on Shimmerz, see my name as a guest DT member (woo-hoo!) & find out about all of the loveliness Shimmerz has to offer. I'll be back after the weekend with a few sneaks & some scrapbooking glitter galore!

Happy weekend!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Flowers Are Here!!

This week has been beautiful here - sun shining every day, 60+ degrees - just lovely. Feeling inspired, Amanda & I headed out to the nursery on Tuesday morning to collect some much needed flowers to brighten up our winter-gloom yards.

I came home with 12 plants, pulled weeds for 2 + hours & am now enjoying a very spring-y yard!!

Here's a glimpse:

Hooray for sun! Hooray for spring!!

And for those of you wondering, yes Andrea T. you are correct, in the previous post, you can just barely see the top of her head & a little bit of her hand peaking out from the covers at the bottom of the crib. And since Erin said bottom left, I'll also take that as a correct answer. Are you girls ready for your prize?? Here it is - come visit me & I'll buy you a drink at Starbucks. How's that for a great prize?!?! I know, I know - I thought you'd be impressed. Thanks for playing. Maybe next time, I'll do a 'real' prize...not that I won't live up to this arrangement, I certainly will. See you girls in a few hours.
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let's Play A Game...

The game is called 'baby or blankets'? The first person to correctly guess where the baby actually is in this crib wins. Good luck! (And no, you don't win the baby - nice try).

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Mommy & Me

Tim's computer was down for the last month & so I didn't have access to all of our photos. It's back up & running now - so I'm going to play a little bit of photo catch-up. These photos were taken in January & I just love them.

My little sweet pea sporting her sprout:


My love

Listening to Daddy's headphones. I wonder what she was listening to?? (Care to share Tim??)

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This weekend was Eloise's first Valentine's Day. Tim's parents were here to help her celebrate & we had a great long weekend together. Saturday we headed to the beach & while the parents & Tim measured the new beach property - Eloise & I hung out in the trunk of the car. Sounds fun doesn't it? Bet you wish you were there too.

When we got tired of those surroundings, we took a walk. It was a lovely day & a nice walk. The rest of the weekend was filled with lots of love celebrations, including a date for Tim & I. Thanks Richard & Faith for coming - we loved having you!!

Eloise chillin'

One of her new favorite things to do - point & talk to people/things


Oh yeah, and I made Valentine cookies for a bake sale at church. Here are some of the finished products - complete with homemade frosting (suggested by my bestie)

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sign Language

We are teaching Eloise sign language - however, the following is not part of it. :D I get weekly e-mails about my baby's development & this week they included the following:

What your baby tells you through sign language:

"Please change my diaper": Turn beet red and make straining expression, then smile.

"I'd like something to eat, please": Cram fist in mouth and suck wildly.

"I'm tired": Make a series of weeping gestures before closing eyes and lolling
head backward.

"Please pass me that thing up there that I can't reach": Point and grunt, then
continue pointing and open mouth into screaming position.

"No thank you. I think I've had enough": Throw food or object to floor with
exaggerated grin.

***These are so true. That's right - welcome to my life.*** :D

Friday, February 12, 2010

LoVe, lOVe, LovE

Here are some of my homemade hearts that I created for Valentine decorations around the house. These are Eloise's favorite. Each morning when we come in for breakfast she points to them until I spin them. Once they are spinning, she watches in awe. Then, she points again & the cycle continues. At lunch, snack, & dinner it's the same routine. What can I say - she has me well trained. :) They may need to stay up extra long since they are so entertaining to her.

These are hanging in the 3 front windows of my living room. I love them. With the exception of being attacked by the cat, they have done quite well here.

I used Shimmerz on some of these, because they deserved a little *extra* shine. Speaking of Shimmerz, I am extremely proud to announce that I will be a Guest Designer for the months of March & April!! (See new fancy sidebar!!) I can hardly wait. Make sure to check out the blog & Facebook page to get in on the fun Shimmery goodness!

Another heart...

I hope your Valentine's weekend is filled with lots of love & pink. :) My in-laws are here visiting this weekend & we are having a great time so far. Tomorrow we are heading to the beach, Sunday we have 2 eating out dates planned & Monday is a free day. Wonderful weekend...not to mention that Tim & I went on a date by OURSELVES tonight. Thanks Richard & Faith for babysitting our Sweet-pea.

Happy <3 Day!

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Thursday, February 04, 2010


Just when you thought she couldn't get any cuter...she goes & does this. I may be ordering one to hold for Eloise until she's older - how adorable!!

For The Love...

...of Valentine's decorations. I love decorating my house for Valentine's. In fact, do you want to know a secret? I usually put up a few 'love decorations' at the same time as I take down my Christmas decorations - makes me feel better. :) This year, I feel very nicely decorated with a few new items that I've made & that have been made for me mostly by two of my favorite people, My Andrea & My Erin. I think these decorations may even stay up after 2/14 has passed, because really, who are 'they' to say when the love has to come down??

Our entry-way:

Opposite wall of the entry-way:

Mantle (see the adorable bunting that this girlie made for me??) I *heart* it.

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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Taking Care of Business...

I know, I know - it's way past time for a new post. And I'm sure you'll be disappointed to learn that this post will not contain any adorable pictures of a certain sweet-pea. Sorry. This post is to just take care of a few house-keeping agenda items. :) Some of you may have noticed that random/nonsensical comments have been appearing on my blog. Well, after a month of this happening several times a week - I'm calling it quits. I've put a word verification step in the comments to help keep those spammers away. BTW, who does that anyway? Does someone just sit at their computer & think, hmmmm, I'm going to pester this blog with ridiculousness. Who are these people?? Okay, back on track, I hope that you will still leave me comment love, as I do love reading the comments you leave. I hope that a few letters won't stand in your way. :)

That's all for now. We are enjoying a low-key week again this week. I could get use to this. Right now, I have fresh cupcakes from the oven for tonight's small group - getting ready to frost them. And I also have a (plug your eyes Erin) roast cooking in the crockpot with all of the 'fixins'. It's been a productive morning so far. Now if I can just get those spammers to leave me alone...