Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Flowers Are Here!!

This week has been beautiful here - sun shining every day, 60+ degrees - just lovely. Feeling inspired, Amanda & I headed out to the nursery on Tuesday morning to collect some much needed flowers to brighten up our winter-gloom yards.

I came home with 12 plants, pulled weeds for 2 + hours & am now enjoying a very spring-y yard!!

Here's a glimpse:

Hooray for sun! Hooray for spring!!

And for those of you wondering, yes Andrea T. you are correct, in the previous post, you can just barely see the top of her head & a little bit of her hand peaking out from the covers at the bottom of the crib. And since Erin said bottom left, I'll also take that as a correct answer. Are you girls ready for your prize?? Here it is - come visit me & I'll buy you a drink at Starbucks. How's that for a great prize?!?! I know, I know - I thought you'd be impressed. Thanks for playing. Maybe next time, I'll do a 'real' prize...not that I won't live up to this arrangement, I certainly will. See you girls in a few hours.
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Kelly said...

Sunshine? In Oregon? In February? What?!? The sun is shining here today too so I can't complain I suppose. :) Your yard looks good! I'm so ready to get outside and start pulling & planting!

Erin said...

come visit you for my prize, really? I mean I have a LONG way to travel you know. your flowers. Wanna come pull my weeds? They really are quite ridiculous and its supposed to rain this weekend, so they might have to wait another week....ugh!

Andrea said...

Love it!
I saw the beginnings of my daffodils the other day and that made me smile. And then in snowed yesterday and is freezing. But at least the sun is shining :).

Andrea said...

Oh and I'm sorry to say, but Erin said bottom 'right' not left, so you owe me two Starbucks and I'd like them hand delivered. Next week would be lovely ... thanks!

Princess Jessie Pants said...

Um don't get any Starbucks until the banner is updated. Then we'll talk. :)

andrea f. said...

So pretty! I am excited to add some color to our house but it is still too cold overnight.

Andrea said...

Okay let's talk :P ...

And what happened to your new post? I'm here to comment and it's gone?!?

Word Verification = Vesse ... I shall now call you Vesse Jessie

twolittletots said...

thanks for stopping by and happy you found me via Ali...I will be doing another giveaway this month on her blog!

And seeing your flowers, green grass makes me want to flowers in my yard yet, just lots of snow still.

Please keep me posted if you do the 40 bags, 40 days! It is a lot of fun!