Friday, February 12, 2010

LoVe, lOVe, LovE

Here are some of my homemade hearts that I created for Valentine decorations around the house. These are Eloise's favorite. Each morning when we come in for breakfast she points to them until I spin them. Once they are spinning, she watches in awe. Then, she points again & the cycle continues. At lunch, snack, & dinner it's the same routine. What can I say - she has me well trained. :) They may need to stay up extra long since they are so entertaining to her.

These are hanging in the 3 front windows of my living room. I love them. With the exception of being attacked by the cat, they have done quite well here.

I used Shimmerz on some of these, because they deserved a little *extra* shine. Speaking of Shimmerz, I am extremely proud to announce that I will be a Guest Designer for the months of March & April!! (See new fancy sidebar!!) I can hardly wait. Make sure to check out the blog & Facebook page to get in on the fun Shimmery goodness!

Another heart...

I hope your Valentine's weekend is filled with lots of love & pink. :) My in-laws are here visiting this weekend & we are having a great time so far. Tomorrow we are heading to the beach, Sunday we have 2 eating out dates planned & Monday is a free day. Wonderful weekend...not to mention that Tim & I went on a date by OURSELVES tonight. Thanks Richard & Faith for babysitting our Sweet-pea.

Happy <3 Day!

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amanda said...

Cute hearts! Can't wait to see how you shimmerz.
Enjoy your weekend of love!

Erin said...

Cute little hearts. Congrats on the Shimmerz gig. I'd love to play with some of their new product. Have fun!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Ashley said...

how fun! I loved the ones you made for MOPS too. I also heard a lot of comments about how cute they were and since it is my tables job to clean up the center-pieces, I also know that a lot of people took them home. Just thought you might like to know.

andrea said...

Love the hearts! Aren't Shimmerz fun?!? Have you tried Vibes? Those are my favorite! Can't wait to see all your Shimmery creations! I know Stac is excited to have you as a guest designer.

Andrea said...

Good job little Miss Crafty :).

I like the Ella story ... makes me smile picturing it :).

Love you, miss you ... Happy Valentine's Day!