Monday, April 25, 2011

2 Year Elephant Pics

About a month late...but alas, here they are.

As you may recall - my friend Kelly started us with an elephant for elephant pictures her first year to see how much she had grown each month. I loved this tradition & I will probably do it once a year until she's 5. It's so fun to see how much the elephant has shrunk. :)


Put a Bird on It ...

Like the new look?

How could I resist putting a bird on my blog ... after all, if you've been in my house you know that it's like a scene from "The Birds." Now you'll feel right at home here too!

{{Kaw, Kaw}}


Friday, April 15, 2011

A Picture Update

These past few weeks we have been go, go, go. Not that I'm complaining - it's been mostly fun & games go, go, go. However, I'm ready for a little stay, stay, stay this coming week. I would have never thought in college that I would love to stay home as much as I do. A trip to Starbucks - & I'm set for the day. :)

Here are some pics from our last few week{s}: Eloise trying on Daddy's hat
with her shades:

A little glimpse of spring. We have a few bird friends that have found us & make this Mama very happy. I think I'm 80 - I love watching birds!! Don't judge me.

Eloise has found that if she brings her stool to the counter - she can reach almost anything. YIKES! She frequently this week began bringing said stool to the counter to 'help' me with making dinner & lunch. She's not interested in helping at breakfast time - too early.

We hope you have a great weekend! xoxo
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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Normal Development: 2 Years Old

Last week Eloise, my mom & I went to the doctor for Ella's 2 year well baby check-up. We left the office with a great report & some documents for me to read at home with some guidelines for healthy, normal 2 year old behavior & development. Let me just share a few of those with you.

* Is always in motion.
* Gets upset and impatient easily
* Shows anger by crying or striking out

* Has sharp mood changes
* Claims everything is 'mine'
* Wants own way
I think it's very safe to say {& I'm very blessed} that my child is developing VERY normally. :)


Friday, April 01, 2011

Birthday Party Post 1:

I think that since Eloise is 2 now, that she can have 2 posts for her birthday. We'll call this post 1. Deal? Great.

Ella Roo LOVES Elmo. Oh my goodness if she could watch Elmo all day - I think she would. Thankfully, we limit her to about every other day for 30 minutes only. I think that's a good compromise. :) For her party this year - I decided to do a pink & orange color theme with Elmo cupcakes thrown in.

Here is a look at how the cupcakes turned out. I did 5 Elmo cupcakes {one for each kiddo & 1 grown-up who shall remain nameless}.

The table decor.

The lunch spread. We chose to do build your own sandwiches. We had lots of stuffs for sandwich fixings, including a fruit salad & chips.

The presents all nicely wrapped. Up until yesterday, my living room still looked like an aisle at Toys R Us. It was crazy. Eloise was greatly spoiled with loving gifts from her favorite people. And now, said gifts all have a home in our home = a happy Mama with less clutter.

Post 2 coming soon to a blog near you. I know, I know - the suspense is killing you!!'ll just have to wait...