Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pictures, Pictures & an Update

Here are some pictures from last week - enjoy!

Eloise & Mama on Mother's Day:

This week Eloise discovered a new love for olives. She also discovered that olives have holes in them just the right size for small baby fingers. We didn't even show her this trick...she came up with it all on her own. Smart little cookie this one...

Look of fulfillment? Angst? Not sure...

Elosie Right now:

Things that Eloise is doing right now - (mostly a list for this mom so she doesn't forget):

Says: Dadda (all of the time), Mama (sometimes), nana (banana), dis (this), yes, NAHH (NO!!), Dack-ker (cracker)

Says 'doggie' & 'wuffs' at the dog. Points to the neighbors houses that have dogs & wuffs at them as we walk by - SO CUTE!!

Says 'me-aw' for kitty & still the tongue trill for kitty
Other animal sounds: elephant, lion, ... but mostly everything is a doggie
Signs: Please, Thank you, More, All Done - working on Eat, Drink, Daddy, Mommy
Gives kisses & says 'Muah' while doing it. Open mouth with tongue kisses only. :)
Waves & says Hi, Bye-bye & once in a while says 'Night-night'

Pulls up on everything! Reaches almost everything. Cruising along the furniture. Crawls like a mad woman...she can get places very quickly now.

Stops & sits when I call her name to come back from going somewhere she shouldn't. Most of the time she even comes back! :D She points to things & signs please. She seems to think that anything she points to - you will give her. I have NO IDEA where she's learning this from...

Eats a banana (nana) every morning. In fact, as I get her up, the first thing she says after me-awing at me, is nana. She also has cereal or graham crackers with her nana. She's drinking milk now, willingly! Hooray!!

She loves reading the pop-up books my mom gave her. She's memorized where the flaps are to look under & also where the textured parts are on each page.

I absolutely love this age she's at right now - she's so much fun & learning SO much every day. Absolutely amazing.
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shimmerz Pearlz Release Today!!

Shimmerz is releasing a new line of Pearlz today! Woo-hoo! These colors are so vibrant & beautiful. I've been playing with them and I love how they sparkle & shine. If I were to pick two favorites...I'd have to say go with 'Carrot Top' & 'Blue Into Town'. SOOOO fun.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Tulip Fields

A few weeks ago, we went to the tulip fields with Miss Amanda, Miss Sophia, & Miss Erin. It was so much fun with Ella Roo. We took pictures for about 1 1/2 hours, then had lunch. Perfect afternoon for a tip-toe through the tulips.

Eloise in a wooden shoe:

You're not suppose to pick the tulips - but Eloise can't read, so she didn't know that. Please don't tell on her...

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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Dear My Blog

Dear My Poor Neglected Blog,

I promise that one day very soon, I will return to you & update you in a proper way with lots of useless information & adorable pictures of a certain sweet-pea. Until then, enjoy one less blog update popping up in your google reader.


*Un-bloggy lately* Jessie