Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SC Part II:

We didn't put Ella in the water the whole time we were there. :) She really was very happy being at Nana's house. Here are some adorable shots Tim got of her while we were away. (Sadly, I only have a few of Eloise & Nana together...I guess we'll have to go back again soon to get some more photos of the two of them together).

Making peace with the life vest, while riding on the boat. At least she wasn't in the water!! :)

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Our Trip Down South...(Part I):

We took Eloise to South Carolina to visit with Nana, Dad (who was also visiting) & our family. We had a wonderful time. In fact, I miss Nana & the lake already...

While we were there, we thought we would help Eloise like water. We bought her a wading pool, had a vast lake for her to explore (although I was not too keen on that idea) & had some boating planned for her. In order for her to go boating, she needed a life vest. I found this one on clearance at Target - how awesome is it??

Then her Daddy took her for a toes dip in the lake. She was less than thrilled by this.

So he tried the wading pool...again, much less than thrilled. But isn't her swimming suit cute? More pictures coming soon...

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Monday, August 10, 2009


Eloise, originally uploaded by dickieadams.

And yet another new trick! Just don't get too close unless you want slobber all over your toes.

Eloise laughs at you

Eloise, originally uploaded by dickieadams.

Seriously. We told her about this blog, and she laughed!

Princess Baby Pants...

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Oh Right, An Update...

Here you are. I've been busy this past week playing with little Miss Blue Eyes & have been neglecting my blog. Here are a few pictures taken earlier today. I'll be back with more pics after I put her to bed.

Tummy time:

Helping Mom in the kitchen:

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Monday, August 03, 2009


Yesterday I entered the land of being '32'. So far, it's pretty great. :) Thank you to all of my wonderful family & friends who called, texted, e-mailed, Facebooked, sent cards, gifts, & helped me to celebrate. I love you all dearly!!

Here are some pics of Ella in her party attire from the weekend:

Jenny's BBQ:

All tuckered out from Jenny's BBQ - we had a great time...

Auntie Laura, cousin Nellie, & Ella in her party attire again - this time, for my birthday BBQ:

Flowers that Tim gave me & the cake my Amanda-pants made for me - it was delish!!

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I am blessed.