Monday, August 29, 2011

Camp Aunt Jess

A week ago, I whisked my nieces away for a full day & night of 'Camp Aunt Jess'. We hadn't done this before - & now that we have, the girls can't wait to continue the tradition next summer of this camp. :) We packed a lot into our amount of time....we had a trip to Starbucks for a treat (before we hit the road from Vancouver), stopped at McDonald's for happy meals, took a rest, went to Limeberry for yogurt, went to Target for prizes, treats, & decorations (Nellie asked if we could have a 'dinner party'. And at Camp Jess, just about anything goes - except for bad behavior- so we decorated before our meal). After Limeberry, we had craft time, decorated the kitchen/dining room for dinner & then it was pancakes with sprinkles on them with a side of strawberries. After dinner, we played & then had a movie complete with blanket snuggling & popcorn. After the movie, we fell into bed....

The next morning was more eventful than I had hoped for - Mia got all plans for that day were bagged & we went back up to meet Laura. However, next year, we will finish those plans & add more! Thanks girls for coming to Camp Aunt Jess - it was so fun!! Have a great start of school on Wednesday!

Craft time:

Decorating for dinner:

Decorating our own pancakes:

For those of you skeptics who think my house is always clean..... whew! Camp Aunt Jess was hard work!!

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