Sunday, September 28, 2008


Tag - you're it! I've been tagged by a cute blond girl. Apparently I'm suppose to tag 7 other people. If I don't list you specifically below - please feel free to play along - consider yourself tagged & loved if you have a blog & you're reading this blog! :) And since Miss Erin took some of my fav. blogs & already tagged them - I'll tag we go...

1. Bethie
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4. Kelly
5. Melissa
6. Sarah O. & P. :)
7. Valerie

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Our Baby...

Here are the first glimpses of our baby! We were blessed to have an ultrasound done last week at Tim's old work by our friend Kelly. She snuck us in & let us watch our little one play around for about 20 minutes! It was fantastic. These pics are a little fuzzy -but you get the idea. Baby's heartbeat was 163 beats a minute & baby is already 3 inches long - head to rump. So Kelly moved my due date up to April 5th, making me 13 weeks tomorrow! Hello second trimester!!


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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Ridiculousness of my grocery list that is. Seriously, I went to the grocery store tonight to get things that sound good to me - in hopes that they will stay down (which is apparently a problem as of late - fun, fun!) Here's what I purchased:

Ramen noodles (haven't bought these since I was 17 & had no money)
Chocolate Milk (yummy)
1 % Milk (normal)
Eggs (normal again, right?)
Orange Juice
Apple Berry Juice (what am I - 4?)
Tomato Soup
Fruit snacks
Pop Tarts

Good grief. I told crazy! But, if it stays down - that's more than I can say for the healthy stuff that I've been eating. (To my credit, I do eat 2-3 apples a day).

I just hope my baby will continue to grow normally, despite my crazy food cravings...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Need Something To Do?

If you are in need of entertainment today - here's something you might like to try...

If you choose this adventure - take a picture of your finished product to share!! Have fun!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Hanging In There...

This past week has been BUSY, BUSY! My Andrea & her boys came to visit again (lucky me!) & I was so very blessed to have a friend here this week to help me ease back into school. Andrea made dinner, went grocery shopping, did laundry, cleaned the house, you name it, she did it. I seriously don't think I would have survived this week without her. So thank you my dear for all of your love & care this past week - what a blessing you are!!

This weekend we headed to the coast - to get away for a bit. What fun!! I was able to help Andrea a little in return by saving her with this life ring - whew! :)

Here we are on the deck, enjoying some ocean views...

My little Ethan. One day while they were here, he looked over at me & we had the following conversation:
E: Hey Jess?
J: Yes?
E: I like you & love you.

How sweet is that? Love that little guy...

And there was *some* napping...

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