Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Ridiculousness of my grocery list that is. Seriously, I went to the grocery store tonight to get things that sound good to me - in hopes that they will stay down (which is apparently a problem as of late - fun, fun!) Here's what I purchased:

Ramen noodles (haven't bought these since I was 17 & had no money)
Chocolate Milk (yummy)
1 % Milk (normal)
Eggs (normal again, right?)
Orange Juice
Apple Berry Juice (what am I - 4?)
Tomato Soup
Fruit snacks
Pop Tarts

Good grief. I told you...so crazy! But, if it stays down - that's more than I can say for the healthy stuff that I've been eating. (To my credit, I do eat 2-3 apples a day).

I just hope my baby will continue to grow normally, despite my crazy food cravings...


andrea said...

I craved Juicy Fruit the first half of my pregnancy with Bryson. Pregnancy cravings are so weird!

The Officer's said...

You are so funny! My mid-wife told me it didn't matter what I ate for the first three months of pregnancy...as long as I could keep it all down...so keep eating those fruit snacks and pop tarts! The second trimester is when you have to start eating healthy! Bagels were the only thing that I could keep down for about two weeks and I was addicted to french fries my whole pregancy! Can't wait to hear more about your cravings... pregnancy is such a fun and funny thing! See you soon. :)

Family of 5 said...

Eat what you want...how often is a person pregnant! :) I love your list! I remember those days...and then sometimes when you get home none of them sound good! :) I LOVED pizza with all 3 of my kids! But it's no fun to not keep anything down. It'll pass soon enough!

Erin said...

at least you have an excuse for having an odd list of what you want to eat....

Erin said...

by the way you've been tagged...check my blog

Kelly said...

You'll laugh at some of the things you eat while being pregnant. I craved Pop Tarts with Garrett too. And McDonald cheeseburgers. Carson was KFC mashed potatoes and Graham was seafood. I hate seafood! There were a lot more but those were the big ones. I hope you're feeling a little better.

Parent of The Biddles said...

I might have you beat.
With Eli it was Spaghetti O's w/ meatballs from the Texaco station down the street (so gross). Oh yeah and Cajun Clucks and fries with ranch dressing from Red Robbin. Other then that I just didn't eat anything. Eli turned out great. "The officer's" is right. The baby just lives off of other stuff the first three months.