Friday, June 27, 2008

Wicked Cool hair that is. Did you know that is the new 'cool'? To say 'wicked cool'? I don't really like it, but it feels edgy just like my new hair Laura & I decided to call my hair that. :) Here it is - self portrait style. Happy weekend!!

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Thursday, June 26, 2008


My friend Valerie tagged me - another thing I love about summer is that I have time to play around on e-mail/blogs here we go! :)

5 things on my to do list: 1) Vacuum the living room/dining room rug 2) New picture for the mantle 3) Return a few e-mails 4) Return 2 phone calls 5) Mow the yard

5 jobs I've had: 1) Planet Kid 2) Babysitter 3) In-House Accounts manager @ a car dealership 4) Music Office/Choir Office 5) Music Teacher

5 Places I have lived: 1) Meridian, ID 2) Boise, ID 3) Albany, OR 4) Keizer, OR 5) Salem, OR

5 Favorite snacks: 1) Oat & Honey granola bars 2) Pink Lady apples w/ cheese 3) crackers 4) milk chocolate anything 5) grapes

5 things you may not know about me are: 1) I'm afraid of heights 2) I'd love to be a back-up singer for a contemporary Christian artist 3) I may be changing jobs next year...more on that later 4) I can't stand for my fingernails not to be painted 5) I despise the word 'behooved'

5 things I would do if I was a billionaire: 1) Pay off our house & student loans debts 2) Give some money to our immediate family & church 3) Buy a beach house 4) Buy a plane to fly wherever I wanted whenever I wanted 5) Fly all of my girls to somewhere warm & sunny for a week of playtime (every month). :)

5 things I love: 1) My husband 2) My amazing friends 3) My fantastic family 4) My church 5) Summer!!

5 people I tag: 1) My Andrea 2) My Erin (we need a new post!) 3) Andrea F. 4) Bethany 5) Nicole (I know you have a blog...) :)

That's all for now - I'll be back later for pics of my 'wicked cool' new hair...

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Many Faces of Kellie...

This is my lovely friend Kellie. Kellie is my Erin's younger sister. I've known Kellie for about 11 years now - wow, it's really been that long. Anyhoo - this past week when I was in AZ, I got to visit with Erin's family - & saw Kellie 2 times while I was there. This girl is hilarious. She makes snarky comments, she's super nice, & teases me about my girliness (which is ironic, b/c she's girlie too!). :) One afternoon while at Postino's (LOVE this place) Kellie decided to be silly for the camera. I've decided to share this silliness with you...although I'm sure I'll hear about it from her later... :)


Kellie pretending she doesn't want her picture taken:

Kellie caught it a funny face...

It was great to see you Kellie!! Thank you for all of the fun!
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Well Hello...

...there! I am back! Back from where you may ask? Back from my un-announced blogging break, back from the land of crazy heat, back from visiting my Erin.

On Wednesday I left 72 degree weather to go to Phoenix, AZ - where the temperature was 111 degrees when I landed. While I was there we were under a severe weather advisory...the temp was around 112 almost each day I was there. Now to be honest, I didn't mind it too much - mostly because I knew it was temporary, and mostly because it meant I was with my Erin. I also got to spend time with her parents & sister...lots of fun.

We were low-key as Erin is recovering from a long illness, poor dear, so I went to help out where needed, hang out, hopefully cheer her up, & look her in the eyeballs. I miss my Erin. I went to work with her for a few of her kids, we layed by the pool, swam in the pool, had long talks, laid in bed, watched movies, scrapbooked, got manicures/pedicures, & tried to stay cool.

Here are a few pictures from our long weekend. I hope you're feeling even better today my Erin! Miss you.

my Erin...

my Erin with an attitude...

my Erin smiling (proud of herself for the attitude)...

More pictures coming soon!
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Saturday, June 14, 2008


...and look what I picked from my garden yesterday afternoon!!! Yummy, yummy.

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The First Days of Summer...

Happy 1st day of summer everyone! Well, okay, happy 1st day of summer to you school teachers out there. (Sorry Melissa, I just can't help myself). :) I finished up in my classroom yesterday & with my leadership responsibilities, so it's off to summer vacation I go today.

I'm so happy that the sun is *shining* today & it's suppose to be a balmy 76. The plan for today includes being lazy (I'm doing great at this so far today), a little bit of shopping, going to a nursery for flowers with my friend Amanda, & then going to a surprise birthday party (don't worry, the recipient doesn't read my blog)...

Before I go to enjoy these festivities, I thought I'd share with you a picture of our new friend. Meet Eric - the pet fish. He's now swimming happily in our pond.


And I found this yesterday evening for my table. I've been wanting something for the dining room table...& I'm very happy with my results. Thank you Pier 1.

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Monday, June 09, 2008


...then there was 1.

Catching Up...

Two weekends ago (the weekend after Memorial Day weekend) we went to Seattle to visit Tim's family. Everyone was there...I think that's the first time in several years that this has happened, & it wasn't even a holiday. We all arrived at different times throughout the week, with Tim & I coming last - late Friday night. So Saturday we headed to Seattle to spend the day. Nikki (Randy's girlfriend - Randy is Tim's brother) had never been to Seattle - so she was in for a treat. We spent the day wandering through Pike's Market Place, a hat shop, having lunch, dodging the rain, drinking coffees, & playing around. It was a wonderful day - filled with lots of laughter, talking, and walking.

Sunday we took family photos & headed our separate ways. Thank you family for the wonderful weekend - we should do it again, soon!!

Then, this weekend, Tim & I returned to Seattle for a concert. We went to see Kurt Elling at Jazz Alley. OH, MY, GOODNESS!!! It was fantastic. I could go on & on about it, but I won't. Let's just say it's the best concert I've been to in years, & the venue was amazing. Like something out of a movie. So spoiled.

Sunday morning we got to play with our nephews. Eli knows that I will read him books - so for the last two weekends, when he sees me, he grabs a book & heads straight for me. I love it. We curled up & read book after book, after book, after book. You get the picture. :) He also learned how to say my name this weekend. It sounds more like 'yessie' - but I'll take it. Kim told me that he called after me after I left. Broke my heart a little bit - but I know we'll see them again soon.

Thank you again Jeff & Kim for opening up your home to us!!

And although our travels have been fun & exciting, I'm happy to say, I"M STAYING HOME THIS WEEKEND!! Hooray!

I'm also happy to say that tomorrow is THE LAST DAY OF KIDS!!! Oh my goodness, those children were going crazy today. I was a crabby teacher when I got home today...1 more day. I can take it.

Look!!! who I got to hold last weekend...and this past weekend! Talk about a spoiled Auntie Jess. We went to Seattle for 2 weekends in a row & got to spend time with our wonderful nephews & family. Here are a few pics of Silas. The last one is Eli (the oldest). SOO, SOO, cute!!

I'll be back with more details in a bit...




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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


On Friday when I got home from school, Tim surprised me with this. I knew he was looking at them, but I certainly wasn't expecting one anytime soon. He is so romantic & sweet. And I think he loves the fact that his wife is now a gadget girl. I love them...

So - I'm off to play with my newest toy. Thank you Tim for the wonderful surprise! I will put it to good use - & I may even let you use it from time to time... :)

2 + 2 =

4!!! That's right people...only 4 days left. (Sorry Melissa).

Can't wait...