Saturday, June 14, 2008

The First Days of Summer...

Happy 1st day of summer everyone! Well, okay, happy 1st day of summer to you school teachers out there. (Sorry Melissa, I just can't help myself). :) I finished up in my classroom yesterday & with my leadership responsibilities, so it's off to summer vacation I go today.

I'm so happy that the sun is *shining* today & it's suppose to be a balmy 76. The plan for today includes being lazy (I'm doing great at this so far today), a little bit of shopping, going to a nursery for flowers with my friend Amanda, & then going to a surprise birthday party (don't worry, the recipient doesn't read my blog)...

Before I go to enjoy these festivities, I thought I'd share with you a picture of our new friend. Meet Eric - the pet fish. He's now swimming happily in our pond.


And I found this yesterday evening for my table. I've been wanting something for the dining room table...& I'm very happy with my results. Thank you Pier 1.

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Bethany said...

I didn't know you had a pond... where is it? I'd like a picture of Eric in his new home ;)
Oh, and yummy strawberries! That's one of the few things I didn't plant this year, now I wish I had!

Andrea said...

Okay Eric (why Eric?) is creeping me out a bit in that photo ... I think I'd like him better pictured in his home :).

Love the table set up, but you know I could have made you a runner ... next time you need a change give me a holler :).

And fresh warm strawberries from the garden ... nothing better or sweeter than that!

What a lovely way to start your break!!