Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Comment posting change!

Where's the post from Jessie? Who nose....(she's exhausted).

From time to time, you'll see a post from me, Jessie's husband. We've enabled anonymous posting, but with word verification to keep the nasty spammers away. Hope this works better for those of you without Blogger accounts. If you loathe the verification, let us know. Share and enjoy! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Batty Experience

Well, now you know who is really updating this blog. This one of our two kitties, Deacon. Tonight when I sat at my computer desk he came over and jumped up in my lap (normal protocal for this silly little guy). As I was checking e-mail, he suddenly became more and more interested in the computer screen. Tim was in the office too and got out the camera to take a snapshot of Deacon in action - updating the blog. Thank you Tim for capturing this funny moment!

Now, to the real story of the evening. I met my friend Jenny for dinner (we missed you Trisha) for girls night out. We went to the Best Little Roadhouse in Salem, a nicer restaurant that we've both been to many times. We were seated right next to a vaulted skylight - no big deal, right?

About 5 minutes after we were seated, a lady comes walking by stops and looks up into the skylight. We look too - and don't see anything. A few minutes later she comes back with a man, both of them look up and point - we do too, and see nothing. A couple of minutes later, a waiter walks by, looks up - we do too - nothing. Then two waiters - nothing. Then a waitress -this time...something.

Jenny says - 'oh, it's a bird!'. But the bird is not fluttering it's wings as it flies. My biggest fear is confirmed - it's a BAT!! (Now for those of you who don't know, I have an unhealthy fear of bats dating back to my childhood...) I yelled out (in the restaurant mind you) 'THAT'S NOT A BIRD, IT'S A BAT!!!' *Cringe* Then I start to relay the story to Jenny about how when we were kids, we had a cabin and a bat got in and flew above our heads...we thought it was a black butterfly, but we were terribly, terribly wrong. So, I'm halfway through my story about this to Jenny when the blasted bat dives right behind me by my head. She points and screams, so I scream. Then it does it again - this time right above both of our heads. It then proceeds to the nearest hallway (as any bat would) and flies out of sight. (Are you picturing this yet?)

Just then the waiter shows up to ask if everything is okay - obviously not. He tells us we can move and we are up moving our things before he knows what's happened. Apparently they were re-doing their floors yesterday and the day before when this small creature decided to make the restaurant it's new home. We were much happier outside - although still a little shaken by the whole situation. Thanks to a phone call from Tim when I got home, they are sending complimentary appetizer coupons. I'm not ready to go back just yet I'll give them a few days to take care of their little black friend, then we'll talk. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 25, 2006

I've Got To Give Credit Where Credit Is Due...

After months of 'blog stocking' Andrea, I have decided to begin my own. There have been days that I have called Andrea to find out why she hasn't posted anything lately - and I would wait & wait... :) After reading her entertaining post last night, I decided to give this blog thing a try, so thank you Andrea for the inspiration. I hope that I can maintain as fun of blog as you have managed to create. Although I doubt anyone will wait at their computer for my next post!!

I'm off to sing again, but this time I'm not in-charge - watch out Master Chorus, here I come! Have a wonderful evening! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 24, 2006

My back-up singer of choice...

Meet Nicole. She was the inspiration behind my blog name. A few months ago she sent me an adorable card that said 'I kind of wish we had backup singers' on the front. When you opened it up, it reads 'but besides that, everything is really pretty good.' I LOVE IT! I have it on display on my desk so I can see it everyday & smile. This picture was taken this summer at the coast when our friend Erin was visiting. So much fun - I love my girls!! And Nicole, if I were to ever need a backup singer, I'd call you first. :)