Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Weekend...

Wow! So much has happened since I last blogged (imagine that!). Let me catch you up...

On Friday, we had planned to have our Valentine's Day party at school. I had my 2 room moms on it - the plan was to have cookies & juice at 2:30 while we opened our Valentine bags. After recess, I gave the kids their states test (I know, mean teacher giving a test on the day of a party....) & they were working hard on it. One of the room moms appeared (not sure how she snuck in) & asked for the 4 kids left taking the test to come into the room to finish 'my Valentine'. I reluctantly sent them in - telling them they would finish their test after the party (they were almost done anyway). So they disappear into the room while I waited in the pod. 10 seconds later, the mom comes out & tells me they are ready - so I follow her back into my classroom.

When I come in, all of my students are on the carpet at the front of the room, surrounded by presents & yelled ' SURPRISE!!'. Instead of a Valentine party - the mom's had called all the parents in my room & told them they were throwing a surprise baby shower for me. How sweet is that? I cried. I told them they couldn't do such wonderful surprise things to a pregnant lady. :) I think my tears confused some of the kids - but they were good about it. I went into my office for a moment to compose myself & saw the cake that they had brought in - it said 'Welcome Baby Ella'. SO SWEET!!

The kids couldn't wait for me to open my presents. I started opening & they oohhed & aahhhed at everything - it was precious. I think it's safe to say that Ella is well equipped in the clothing department now...

After all presents had been opened & all ooohhs & ahhhhhs had been said, we had cake. While they ate their cake, I let them open their Valentine's. By the time they were finished opening their Valentine's, the sugar had kicked in & there was no hope in finishing the test...guess what they will be doing tomorrow? :)

Saturday I spent the morning with friends from school scrap booking at my LSS. I came home & Tim & I went to dinner. After a delish dinner, we decided to walk across the street to the mall for a chocolate. We took (an expensive) detour through Nordstrom. Little did we know they were having a Hello Kitty promotion. I've been wanting to get my make-up done by a MAC consultant for several months now, so this was my chance. My sweet Valentine was kind enough to wait while the girl 'did me up'. He sat in the chair next to me & made comments to the shoppers passing by. He got lots of looks, as if he was next in line to get his make-up done. :) We ended up walking away with make-up for me & a nice new hat for him. And yes, we did eventually make it to the chocolate store for chocolate covered strawberries....yum! Thank you my love for a wonderful evening.

Sunday brought church & then my family!! It's not very often that my whole family gets together, especially at my house. They were waiting for us when we returned from church. One quick stop for lunch & we were off to the beach!! We had a wonderful time at the beach - sun was shining, it was almost 60 degrees - perfect day (minus poor Mia, who apparently has developed some car sickness. :( ).

My parents spent last night with us, (our last guests in the guest room, which will be come the nursery in the next few weeks) & we enjoyed a lazy morning of chatting, oatmeal, & Rock Band with them. Thank you Mom & Dad for coming over!! As always, it was wonderful to see you...& next time I see you, I will have a little person in my arms to meet you!!

ALL of that being said, here are some pictures from our weekend adventures (hopefully you've made it this far & are still with me! :)).

My sis, me, my Mom

Cool shot taken by Tim
Random belly shot - the only one we've taken of a 'naked' belly thus far...32 weeks this week!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Girl Photos...

Here are a few girl photos from the shower:

Beth, Erin-o, me, & Nicole

(Notice that Erin AND Nicole both have their eyes open! This is a big deal, as these girls are both famous for closing their eyes during pictures)....

Recycling the food labels - apparently Erin thought I should be the turkey so that she could be the veggie...

Amanda-Pants & me...

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Here are some more shots of the shower:

My friends Stephanie & Victoria...

My friends Erin M., Jessica, & Melissa deep in thought & concentration during a Bingo game...

Some of my gifts:
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More Weekend/Shower Pictures

Okay, consider yourselves warned - this next set of pictures are very random. 

Saturday while we were out shopping, we stopped at a party store & found these ridiculous 'sun' glasses. We helped ourselves to the most whack-a-doodle ones we could find & then of course took pictures. What I especially love in this photo is that it looks like our President is also posing with us....where are his fun glasses I wonder?

Later that afternoon we were pampered by pedicures (Erin & I) & a manicure (Nicole)...

Our front entry table decorated for Valentine's Day/Baby shower:

My Nicole & My Beth - such adorable girls inside & out...

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Monday, February 09, 2009

A Baby Shower!!

This weekend Ella & I had another baby shower thrown for us. This one was from my sister Laura (who was SUPER sick & couldn't come :( We missed you Aunt Laura!!) & My Erin, My Nicole, & Amanda-Pants. 

Erin flew in Friday night & Nicole & I were very happy to grab her from the airport so that the fun could begin.

Saturday was spent with a lazy morning - followed by a lovely afternoon of shopping, pedicures, & lots of laughter. 

Sunday morning we busied ourselves with floral arrangments, house prep & cleaning, & last minute items. Around 1:00 Amanda-M-Pants & Beth came over to help decorate & final prep. They brought along most of the baked goods (insert *yummy!!*) & Amanda brought adorable baby Sophia. order to capture the full magic of this weekend, I will do several posts of pictures from the weekend/shower. 

Thank you to all of my girls that helped make this day so special for me/us. It is so wonderful to be loved by each of you - & please know that I love you all dearly back!!

Baby banner (compliments of Auntie Erin):

Party favors: They are wrapped chocolate bars that have Ella's name & due date on them - so adorable!!  (Each hand wrapped by Auntie Cole):

The food: Isn't it beautiful? And it tasted great too!! :)  (Everyone worked together for this - what a spread!!)

The flowers on the table - thank you Erin - they were lovely!!

More pictures soon - maybe even tonight...

Stay tuned!
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Monday, February 02, 2009

30 Weeks...

Here we are at 30 weeks! Ella-bella & I are doing great. 

Tim was gone for all of last week & when he got home on Saturday night & saw me coming down the hall he said 'WOAH!' I think he noticed a difference in my tummy in that short amount of time while he was away. :) Little Miss is certainly growing - this week she is 3 pounds, 16 inches long (approx.) & is having a hay day in my tummy in the evenings. I can't WAIT to meet this little miracle...

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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Thankful...(in no particular order)

...For a week of loneliness to be over...
...That Tim is home safely
...That I have a husband whom I love more than anything & I know he feels the same about me
...For our beautiful home
...For our jobs that are very fulfilling for both of us
...For our families that love & support us & we them
...For my friends - what would I do without each & every one of you!?
...That my papers are graded & recorded in the grade book - I'm ready for Monday
...For the kicks & tickles in my tummy from our baby
...That the morning sickness is finally over
...For my health
...For a wonderful & fun filled weekend...