Monday, February 09, 2009

A Baby Shower!!

This weekend Ella & I had another baby shower thrown for us. This one was from my sister Laura (who was SUPER sick & couldn't come :( We missed you Aunt Laura!!) & My Erin, My Nicole, & Amanda-Pants. 

Erin flew in Friday night & Nicole & I were very happy to grab her from the airport so that the fun could begin.

Saturday was spent with a lazy morning - followed by a lovely afternoon of shopping, pedicures, & lots of laughter. 

Sunday morning we busied ourselves with floral arrangments, house prep & cleaning, & last minute items. Around 1:00 Amanda-M-Pants & Beth came over to help decorate & final prep. They brought along most of the baked goods (insert *yummy!!*) & Amanda brought adorable baby Sophia. order to capture the full magic of this weekend, I will do several posts of pictures from the weekend/shower. 

Thank you to all of my girls that helped make this day so special for me/us. It is so wonderful to be loved by each of you - & please know that I love you all dearly back!!

Baby banner (compliments of Auntie Erin):

Party favors: They are wrapped chocolate bars that have Ella's name & due date on them - so adorable!!  (Each hand wrapped by Auntie Cole):

The food: Isn't it beautiful? And it tasted great too!! :)  (Everyone worked together for this - what a spread!!)

The flowers on the table - thank you Erin - they were lovely!!

More pictures soon - maybe even tonight...

Stay tuned!
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Erin said...

yay for shower pictures! I'm glad you had a good time!

Andrea said...

Wow!! I knew it was going to be good ... with Party Planners Extrordinare (how ever you spell that) ...

Great job girls!!

That's terrible that Laura couldn't make it ... poor thing, it sounds like it just got worse. I'm glad she's close so she can make it to one of your others!