Thursday, March 31, 2011

We Interrupt This Blog....

We interrupt this blog to show you some extraordinary cuteness.

My good friend Ashely had her baby, Owen, this past Sunday. He came on his due date!! How's that for precise? And...are you sitting down? He weighed in at 9 lbs 7 oz!

I was blessed to meet him on Tuesday & they even let me snuggle him for a little while. How delighted was I??! Eloise though, not so much. As soon as Owen was passed to me, she began crying & asking me to hold her. Ha ha ha. She did however, get use to the idea that Mama was holding another precious baby. She even asked to hold him. Guess what the answer was? Nope!!

If you'd like to see sweet baby Owen & his VERY proud family - go visit here.

Congratulations Mogfords' - we are delighted for you!


The Birthday Post!!!

Here it is - the birthday post I know you have all been sitting by your computers waiting for.... We've had a full week of birthday celebration/extravaganza around here & it's been grand. However, this Mama is ready for life to be boring & normal for a few days now. :)

We were so blessed to have family & a few close friends surround us for Eloise's special day(s). Tim's parents came & stayed for 4 days & my mom came & stayed for 3 1/2 - what a delight! Thank you grandparents for all of the extra time & effort you put into coming over for her day(s) & for loving our daughter so.

Here is the birthday girl on her actual birthday. We decided to give her one present to open on her birthday & save the rest for the birthday party.

Her birthday banner {I know I have already showed you this - but this is the new improved version for the birthday party}

Her birthday outfit from Auntie Erin. :) {Cheesy smile from Eloise}

A preview of the Saturday party festivities. I made Elmo cupcakes for my girl & they were a hit.

I will be posting more photos & more info about the party in the coming days - stay tuned!!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Spoiled Much?

This little one isn't even two yet & look what she's playing with???

And do you want to know the scariest part? She knows how to work it. Here she is 'reading' a Grover book. She knows how to turn the pages, how to interact on the pages, & how to close this app & get to another one. Isn't that crazy? I didn't believe it myself until I watched her do it tonight. I think she's been hanging out with her Daddy...

Changing gears: Tonight after her bath - she spotted Mama's jewelry. She just had to put it on - so Daddy helped her & then we snapped photos of her while she said 'mile!'. :) So cute.

And a sneak peek at this weeks festivities. Eloise turns two {2!!} on Wednesday, so my new bff the Silhouette & I made a banner for her. I *adore* it.

We hope your week is happy!

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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Eloise this week...

This week Eloise has been very busy {getting into things, that is}.

Today she helped me mop. To my surprise, she actually did mop - and she insisted that she 'do it'. So...we mopped upstairs & downstairs - together. :)

Just the other day, she found this headband & wore it around like this for a good part of the day:

Then we had some help with the hot pads. Always good to know how to use a hot pad - even if she's not allowed in the kitchen while the oven is on...

Sunday after church we went to lunch with some friends. Eloise was wearing a super cute dress that Auntie A made, along with leggings, new ballerina flats, & a jacket {although the jacket HAD to be taken off before this picture was taken}.

And just because it's too cute - another look at the headband, worn with style...

Happy week to you!

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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Drumroll Please...

....And the winner of the $20 giveaway to CSN is:


Congratulations Ashley! And thank you again to all who played along.


Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Last Chance

Today is your last chance to enter my $20 giveaway! Just leave a comment to be entered. I'll draw the name & announce the winner tomorrow.


Tuesday, March 01, 2011


These past few days Tim & I were here: ourselves...

for 3 whole days...

More pictures to come soon - but first, laundry, clean sheets, & sleep need to happen. This Mama is tired.
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