Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Birthday Post!!!

Here it is - the birthday post I know you have all been sitting by your computers waiting for.... We've had a full week of birthday celebration/extravaganza around here & it's been grand. However, this Mama is ready for life to be boring & normal for a few days now. :)

We were so blessed to have family & a few close friends surround us for Eloise's special day(s). Tim's parents came & stayed for 4 days & my mom came & stayed for 3 1/2 - what a delight! Thank you grandparents for all of the extra time & effort you put into coming over for her day(s) & for loving our daughter so.

Here is the birthday girl on her actual birthday. We decided to give her one present to open on her birthday & save the rest for the birthday party.

Her birthday banner {I know I have already showed you this - but this is the new improved version for the birthday party}

Her birthday outfit from Auntie Erin. :) {Cheesy smile from Eloise}

A preview of the Saturday party festivities. I made Elmo cupcakes for my girl & they were a hit.

I will be posting more photos & more info about the party in the coming days - stay tuned!!


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