Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Dear My Blog

Dear My Poor Neglected Blog,

I promise that one day very soon, I will return to you & update you in a proper way with lots of useless information & adorable pictures of a certain sweet-pea. Until then, enjoy one less blog update popping up in your google reader.


*Un-bloggy lately* Jessie


ChoirPres said...

You have some good excuses =) And I TOTALLY understand...having made the same plea for patience to our poor blog on several occasions! Hope you are having a happy day - even if you aren't telling the world about it! Smooches!

Erin said...

blah, blah, blah...get to blogging woman. I know you have NOTHING else to do. I mean really, you must just sit around, eat bon bons and paint your toes all day long. You could certainly squeeze some blogging into that schedule....

your smart mouth friend

Kelly said...

If not blogging means you're over here playing with us then I'll take not blogging any day! :)