Wednesday, April 21, 2010


When I was one, my parents got me a horse named Bucky. All was well with Bucky, until one fateful day when I rode Bucky into the sunset (so to speak). Or...if you're one, I was riding him through the kitchen, out the door, and down the step into the garage. Apparently I was not prepared for such a grand ride and was thrown off of Bucky upon entrance into said garage. This angered my father and poor Bucky was cast into the street at a high rate of speed for hurting his little girl. :) Thankfully Mom rescued Bucky from the street after tending to me. I rode Bucky around for years after, scratches on him and all. :) Fast forward thirty-one years and now Eloise has her own Bucky, courtesy of my parents. She will not be allowed to ride Bucky in any areas where stairs could become involved...

Her Bucky is new and improved and plays music when you press his cheek. And he's pink, comes with his own basket for carrying dolls and books, and has a fleece main and tail. How great is that?

Eloise loves her Bucky. Thanks mom & dad!
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Andrea said...

How fun to now have made this a tradition :).
She looks quite happy on her horse. Does she push it all around through the house?

Happy Day!

Kelly said...

So cute! Mike has a similar story with a similar horse. Hmm. Interesting. I had a toy kind of like that and called him Ollie. :)