Monday, April 19, 2010

12 Months!!

Here it is...the last installment of elephant pictures! I have loved this monthly routine of ours, getting out the elephant to see how much he had shrunk since his last venture out of the closet. I think I'll take another one with them together at 18 months and then again at two.

Eloise & her pal Elephant:

Ooohh, shoes! Love to pull off those shoes...

Pretending to be nice to Elephant - I think she's hoping to lure him in a little closer

So that she can do this to him! Poor Elephant. Attacked in the bedroom by Eloise with the shoe.

At 12 months my little one is:

Cruising furniture
Crawling like a 'real girl'!
Pulling up on anything and everything -including the cat (or so she tried)
Eating 'real' people food - good bye baby food!
Says 'Na-na' for banana
Signs 'More' & 'Please' - SO proud of her for this!!
Tries to moo like a cow. :)
Has a sound she makes for the cats - it's a tongue trill starting high & descending to a lower pitch. She makes the same sound every time a cat comes into a room. Or a dog too for that matter...
Goes to bed between 6:30 & 7:00 and sleeps until 8:00 am or 9. :)
Loves to play with shoe laces
LOVES to read books - we do this most of the time. Chooses reading over playing a lot of the time.
LOVED swimming in the pool at Nellie's birthday party this past weekend - she was kicking & much fun!

A whole year of my Ella Roo. What a blessed Mama I am.
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Erin said...

Poor elephant. can't wait to see Miss E so very soon! I'm thinking her tongue trilling is good practice for flute playing :)

Bethany said...

Is it possible for her to get ANY cuter?!? I mean, she was cute from the get go, but this is getting ridiculous!