Friday, April 01, 2011

Birthday Party Post 1:

I think that since Eloise is 2 now, that she can have 2 posts for her birthday. We'll call this post 1. Deal? Great.

Ella Roo LOVES Elmo. Oh my goodness if she could watch Elmo all day - I think she would. Thankfully, we limit her to about every other day for 30 minutes only. I think that's a good compromise. :) For her party this year - I decided to do a pink & orange color theme with Elmo cupcakes thrown in.

Here is a look at how the cupcakes turned out. I did 5 Elmo cupcakes {one for each kiddo & 1 grown-up who shall remain nameless}.

The table decor.

The lunch spread. We chose to do build your own sandwiches. We had lots of stuffs for sandwich fixings, including a fruit salad & chips.

The presents all nicely wrapped. Up until yesterday, my living room still looked like an aisle at Toys R Us. It was crazy. Eloise was greatly spoiled with loving gifts from her favorite people. And now, said gifts all have a home in our home = a happy Mama with less clutter.

Post 2 coming soon to a blog near you. I know, I know - the suspense is killing you!!'ll just have to wait...



Nicole said...

Nom nom! Elmo is delicious =)

Joshua and Mallory said...

Finally getting on to did a GREAT job with the cupcakes! Thanks for posting pictures :] Looks like the party was super fun!