Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Last week the weather here began to feel like summer (never-mind that today it rained, hailed, & the sun did come out - oh Oregon). We got in some fun summer dress time, fun new hair dos & even a dip in the pool!!

Getting ready for Auntie Kristi's retirement party:

Fancy hair for the party:

At Auntie Amanda's 30th birthday party - it was 80+ degrees, so Sophia & Eloise swam in the pool!!

Splashing and making waves....

We plan to play lots more in the pool, as soon as the weather heats up again....whenever that may be.
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Andrea said...

So cute :).
Good blogging ... you know you had to show off your new look too!

I like the heart clips with the curls, super sweet!


ChoirPres said...

Babies in bikinis? HILARIOUS! I love it. And the little sprout just sends me over the edge =)

Erin said...

way cute! love the sprout in her hair and the fun splashing photo. Eloise says she wants to go play in a big girl pool at Auntie Erin's parents house.

summer said...

bah, so cute! more sunshine please, she is so a water baby! i love the new banner too!

Phoenix said...

L.O.V.E. the bikini!