Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thought You Might Need To Know...

I thought you might need to know that right now this place is giving away free shake coupons!! That's right - FREE shakes! Tonight, Tim & I were on a date (yae us!!) & we stopped by between Red Robin & Craft Warehouse (that's right, he knows what makes a girl smile!) for a bogo shake. We ordered 3 (one for him, one for me & one for our sweet babysitter) & because we had 3 not 4, they gave us a coupon for a free shake.

I'm excited.


Andrea said...

Yea for date night!! Glad you got to go to all your favs :). That is a truly dedicated husband.

Too bad one of your favorites is Sonic ... bleh, phtt, pppttt. No thank you. Tell me when BR comes out with the same coupon, k?


Erin said...

I agree with Andrea that Sonic ice cream is no bueno. Sonic is for slushy drinks only. I had a strawberry shake tonight that was delish though. yay for dates! we have one scheduled for this weekend and our anniversary dinner next wed.