Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Laura & I concocted the recipe for a great weekend this past Memorial Day. Here it is:

1 honey smoked ham
6 dozen eggs
5 cans of biscuits
$90 worth of salmon halibut & prawns
1 lb of Starbucks coffee
1 key lime pie
3 boxes of girl scout cookies
1 box of ginger cookies
3 bags of chips
1 bottle of whiskey
2 bottles of wine
2 containers of oil
3 batches of hush puppies
19 hamburgers
$12 of fire wood

Mix together until combined with:
1 Nana from SC, 2 Grandparents from ID, 2 daughters with husbands & kids from OR & WA, & 1 bat in the garage...
Well, actually, I could have done without the bat.

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summer said...

ha ha I started reading this and was like, um Jessie, that sounds awful :) i'm a little slow at this time of morning! too sweet glad you guys get to have this time together every year!

Erin said...

love it! well, minus the hamburgers and other such meat items. Ick. Oh and bats are old hat around here, well the parents house anyway.

Andrea said...

What ... you left out the best part ... hearing your dad say, "That *$%^ is flying!" HAHAHAHA!! :D :D

Still laughing at this one.

Can I be invited to the next one if it falls close to my birthday? ;).

Amanda said...

Now that's a recipe! What a creative and fun post! BTW - I'm super impressed with how on top of your blogging you are. Must be time for baby number 2?? :)