Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Days

We've been enjoying this wonderful sunny weather that we've been having this last week! Hooray for the sun!! With the sun comes lots of berries, veggies, & walks. Ella Roo & I have been enjoying all of these this last week. Strawberries have been a theme in the house especially. Here are a few pics from the last couple of days to show you what we've been up to:

Fun ride in a box from Daddy at Aunt Amanda's house yesterday:

I LOVE the look on her face in this one. Box riding must be very exciting!

Strawberry pie that I made on Saturday:

Amanda-Pants & me after 33 jars of jam. :) Exhausted are we....or just dramatic...

Eloise is now officially 15 months old. She weighs 22.4 pounds & is 30 inches long. She is still not walking, but bear-crawling, pulling up on everything & walking along the walls - it won't be long now.

She can make lots of animal noises when you ask her: monkey, elephant, lion, kitty, doggy, fishy (my current fav.), owl, bird, cow, duck (my second fav).

She also says: Up, down, this, no, yes, nigh nigh (night night), bye bye, hi, ball (for ball & balloon), banana, cheese, & cracker

She signs drink now in addition to please, thank you, all done, & more.

She kisses her stuffed animals & then hands them to me for me to kiss them too.

Last night she signed please & then said 'nigh-nigh'. Melted my heart. And yes, I put her to bed. Sweetie-pie.
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Nicole said...

Geez Louise! You are going to have to eat toast for 33 years to use up all that jam! Way to go big =) And your pie looks DELISH (especially to this Phase I girl). Missing you and loving the updates!

summer said...

i love the pictures of miss eloise in the box, hilarious! nice job on the jam and pie, domestic goddess you!

Melissa said...

Wow, good for you with the jam! And the pie. : )

Oh, look at Ella Roo's piggy tails! SOOO cute!!! And yes, the box pics were adorable!!

PS> Um, Kylie is 10 months and weighs 22 lbs. My baby girl is a CHUNKY monkey! : )

Andrea said...

Summer fun at your house! I love the 'motion' picture in the box and the sweet piggies. I haven't seen her with double before :).

Good work on the jam ... I'll let you in on a dirty little secret. Homemade jam makes the best strawberry shakes. Seriously, the best. It's bad ... very, very bad.

Kisses & Fishy Sounds!

Erin said...

Dramatic much? I can see your daughter is going to get that for you. She's about the cutest thing you ever did see though. I might need some of that jam for Andrea's suggested use, however.

Amanda said...

What a fun post! I am behind on my blog reading I guess. :) Love those box ride pics! And I'm kind of liking the strawberry theme you've got going...

We are going to have to practice animal noises at the zoo tomorrow. I'm super impressed with how many animals Ella Roo can sound like!