Friday, October 12, 2007

I Must Confess...

I've been tagged by my friend Melissa's blog to confess 8 things about myself.

I can't really come up with anything too exciting - since I usually confess things to you on this blog anyway. I will however, try to come up with something exciting - so keep reading. :)

1. I pull on my hang-nails. SO gross, I know. I would like to say that since I took off my acrylic nails 3 weeks ago, I've had minimal hang nails & am doing well...good job me.

2. I go to the Starbucks drive-thru everyday & get an iced-tea lemonade. Sometimes I switch it up & get a non-fat Chai latte. Everyday (except for today...I ran out of time - so sad).

3. I'm a cover stealer. According to my husband (name has been removed to protect the identity of the victim) I begin the stealing every night when I fall asleep. Halfway through the night (according to him) I throw off all of the covers because I'm too warm. Then somewhere in the early morning hours I steal them back again because I am cold. Now, I'm not sure if this is all factual because I sleep very soundly & comfortably throughout the night... :)

4. I will buy pants that fit in the smaller size (I sometimes go between two sizes) just because it is the smaller size. I don't care how much they cost - if they fit in that size...they are mine.

5. I have hair envy with my sister. She's been growing her hair out for locks of love so I decided to do the same. Except she started a year before me & just cut her hair off in a super cute new style & I'm TOTALLY envious of it. If she had brought her scissors with her today I wouldn't have any hair left. Luckily she didn't & I've told Tim not to let me give in - I do want to donate my hair - I just have sister hair envy right now...this too shall pass - hopefully...

6. When I'm on my own for dinner these days I choose cheeseburgers. I confessed this problem to you earlier this summer & it's still with me. What's so great about it is now I have Nicole on my side too - she LOVES them as much as I do. Yay for Nicole. Come on Erin, you know you want one...

7. I carry around all kinds of things in my purse...standard things like a wallet, pen, checkbook, gift cards - but there's other things too...$3.00 in case of an emergency (it needs to be a cheap one), Advil, upset tummy drugs, Tide pin, little notepad for quick lists, bobby pins, hair ties, lip gloss, chapstick & back up chapstick, iPod, fingernail clippers, cell phone, tape measurer (it's super cute too!), throat lozenges, & today I added Neosporin. You never know when you'll get a hang nail!! :)

8. I once had to wear a sign that said "I tell lies" & the sign flipped over for my sister & read "I'm a tattle-tale". My mom would make us wear the sign if we did the offense. She threatened to take us to the store wearing the sign if we were heading there & chose that time to offend. She NEVER did. She's since confessed that she would have been mortified to take her lying, tattle-taling children to the store. :) I don't lie now, except to Erin to make her think I'm not coming for her birthday...

That's it for my list! Consider yourself tagged. What would you like to confess?


Melissa said...

Okay, I am laughing. I think you just gave me an idea for discipline for the boys! One side will say 'I am a bully and steal everything from my brother' (for Tyler) and the other one will say 'I bite my brother when he steals stuff from me' (for Zach). I think they're a bit too young though to really get publicly humiliated by the sign, so maybe I'll institute it in a few years. However, it may be good for Matthew and Kathryn! If Kathryn shows up to your class one day wearing a sign, you'll know I reached my limit!!!

Thanks for confessing!

Erin said...

by the way, the sign is why my blog title was she tells lies....

i'm ok with the birthday cover up lies...not ever eating one of your blasted cheeseburgers though!

love you!

Kelly said...

Oooo, a cheeseburger. I really, really wanted one today. You would think after the week I've had I'd get one. Nope, we had chicken for dinner. Oh well.
Your list made me laugh! :)

andrea said...

Funny confessions :0) I know if Laura had her own blog I wouldn't have to ask this (hint hint Laura) but where is the pic of this ever so cute hair??

Andrea said...

Hey I learned something new about you! I don't think I've heard stories of the sign ... but that is too funny and totally your mom. I love it and when I use it on Ethan I'll tell him to thank Aunt Jess ;).

The rest I was well aware of but that make me laugh!