Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

My sister sent these pictures to me a week or two ago of the girls in their costumes. Mia has since changed her mind & will now be a pumpkin, but I love her as a lion too. So cute.

Nellie the pink dragon & Mia the cuddly lion

**If you think of it pray for me tomorrow - we're letting the kids at school dress up for the first time ever in their Halloween costumes. That mixed with candy & the excitement that Halloween brings for small children should make my day very interesting...It probably doesn't help that I'm going to dress up too...Yeah, no learning for us tomorrow. :) **

Wishing you & your family a fun & safe Halloween!
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andrea said...

So, where's the pic of you in your costume?? :0) I love that pink dragon. They are both such cute girls!

Kelly said...

Aw! Cute girls!
Oh gosh have fun tomorrow. Garrett & Kylee had their "harvest party" today and they were totally wired! I can't imagine if they had been dressed up and had been there all day. Yes! I will be praying!

Melissa said...

Yes, I agree...I want pics of you in your costume!!! The girls are adorable. Kathryn's so excited to dress up tomorrow. She's coming as a witch. Hopefully she won't be too hyper for you!

Laura said...

what darling children!!! =)