Friday, August 31, 2007


Last week when Andrea was here I made 11 containers of Strawberry jam. On Sunday, I was alone with my blackberries, so I turned them into 5 containers of jam. Here is a pic of the super cute labels Andrea made me for Christmas for this very purpose. Love it!!

All summer long I've been making friends with my yellow finches. Last week I looked out & counted 17!! Crazy birds - I'm going to start charging them rent. :) Of course once I got my camera out - several of them flew away...but here is a peek at what is happening in my backyard. We also have hummingbirds (or gummingbirds as Nellie calls them) that frequent our backdoor feeder. I'm such a dork, I just love watching the birds - does that officially make me old? Don't answer that...

I had FUN mail arrive today! This summer I taught some Kindermusik classes & used some of my 'fun money' to buy this adorable purse on ETSY. I can't wait to take it somewhere...

And last random photo of the day is our new cabinet. Thank you to Andrea who helped assemble it. When Tim got home he put on the doors with super cute red handles. I love it. I can containerize all of my appliances which use to just look like a giant mess - now it's a more masked giant mess. :)

Wishing you & your family a joyous Labor Day weekend. The kiddos come back on Wednesday...ready or not.
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Erin said...

um...have you seen my husband yet?

supposedly he'll be home tonight...we shall see....I'm trying to finish up my OR mini book. I will post tonight or tomorrow if you want to take a look

love those labels and the cabinet, BTW

Kelly said...

Mike's parents are going to be here this weekend and they're bringing us our blackberries freshly picked from Mike's grandma's house. Sunday is jam day & I can hardly wait!
I won't answer your actual question but let me say my dad loves to watch the birds around his house. They have several bird feeders around their yard and he keeps a book of birds and binoculars by the back door. :)

Bethany said...

I going to get a few bird feeders next year... I love to watch them too, and I'm not old, I'm still in my 20s ;) Cute cabinet, did you get that at Ikea?

andrea said...

Those labels were a very cute and creative gift! I don't expect anything less coming from Andrea though :)

Love the purse and cabinet too!

Andrea said...

MMMMmmmmm ... we loved (yes loveD, it's all gone) our strawberry jam. On hot buttered sourdough it was delish!

I'll happily give you more labels if you give me more jam ;).

Did you buy that adorable purse with Piano Lesson money?