Friday, August 10, 2007

Ahhh The Fun We Are Having...

This weekend Nellie is staying with us. We picked her up last night & as soon as we arrived at the house, she came flying out the front door, backpack on, blanket in hand letting us know that she was ready to go with us. It was precious. We stayed for a bit and chatted with Laura & Mia before heading out. Poor Mia was sad to be left behind, so we promised to take her for a weekend sometime soon.

Today Nellie & I sorted through some of my clothes to donate, dropped them off, ran a few other errands which included a trip to Target & the purchase of this for Nellie. She has been enthralled with it ever since...I think it's a hit. We also picked out a toy for Mia. After lunch with Amy we headed back home for a nap. Although...she didn't take we had some quiet time & headed to the mall for some nail painting fun. When were about 1 minute away from the mall, Nellie fell asleep. So...I decided to keep driving. We went to a drive thru Starbucks, got gas, & drove around some neighborhoods. After about 1/2 hour she woke up, so we headed back to the mall.

Nellie had her nails painted with a little white flower on each thumb & we browsed around a few stores. After the manicure we headed to the park for the carousel ride. This is what Nellie had been waiting for all day. We were invited to Riverfront Park by our realty company for the annual picnic - it turned out to be tons of fun. Nellie got her face painted, played in a bounce house, poked a clowns nose, had a butterfly balloon made by that same clown, sat in a fire engine truck & got to talk to the firemen, ate some dinner, played at the park, & finally rode the carousel. What a blast.

We came home had a bath & off to bed she went. I think we will all sleep well tonight!

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Erin said...

Sounds like you two had tons of fun!
Nellie's face painting is adorable!
Tell her, the girls who's name she can never remember...the other blonde, not Micole, says hello!

Kelly said...

Oh what a good aunt you are! Sounds like lots of fun girl stuff!

Bethany said...

The joy of kids that aren't your own :)

Kimberly said...

How fun!! She is so cute!!

Andrea said...

Those pictures are so, so great ... seriously, the one of Nellie on the horse should be blown up and framed. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful time with lots of fun stuff to keep you both busy!