Monday, January 14, 2008

Last One Tonight...

...I promise. I think this is post #4 for me tonight & that's about 4 more than I usually do on a Monday night! I'm just so excited to share all of my fun scrapping. Here are just a few pics to show you what I've been up to. Tomorrow I'm hoping to add an album to my side bar with all of my scrappiness from late.

Yesterday afternoon Nicole came over & we had 'the perfect afternoon'. We took naps (yep, we did!), went to Starbucks, scrapped, had Cheeseburgers for dinner (just for you Erin), & then played Mario 3 on the Wii. It was SO, SO great. All in all yesterday I finished catching up on Paper '08 with Week #2, did six 12x12 LO (for those of you who know me, you know I don't do 12x12...but for Christmas my mom got me a 12x12 American Crafts scrapbook & I need to put things in it...once I got started yesterday I couldn't stop!!), & then I decided to create & finish my Christmas journal. Whew! After that...I went to bed.

Sneek peek at the Christmas journal:

My first 12x12 LO. Here is me & my sis from last summer at my dad's graduation from college.
(It's sitting on the American Crafts album - the pink & neutral brown backgrounds are not part of the LO):

Me & My Andrea at 4th of July. This is my current favorite photo of the two of us:

Okay, seriously...I'm done for tonight. Stay tuned for more photos from this weekend's escapades & hopefully some exciting Etsy store announcements tomorrow!!
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Erin said...

So I shut down my computer at 8:30 and you make 4 posts! Crazy girl! You're pages and Christmas journal and Paper 08 stuff looks great! I'm so excited that you are becoming a scrap nut like me!

Kelly said...

Wow Jess! You've been a busy scrapper lately. It looks great! And I have to say I'm happy to see #3 on your top ten list for 2008! :)

andrea said...

Love all the scrap goodness! Great job!! AND, How exciting to be expanding the family this year :)

Bethany said...

Holy cow busy girl! 4 post at once?!? I just love all the scrapping you've been doing. You just wait, if #3 comes true you'll have more you want to scrap and less time and energy to do it. But, it'll be worth it ;)

Andrea said...

Okay, I told Matt it's official, "you are one of us" ... not as in Matt and I, but as in a true scrapper. Pretty soon you'll be able to talk shop just as fast as Erin and I can ;).

So proud of you doing all of these ... WOW! The album looks so cute, need to get mine done before I forget it all. And the LO of us, perfect!!