Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kiss Ball & 52 Card Scrap-Up

Yes, I said kiss ball. How cool is this? I was shopping last night at Target with Amanda & we found this lovely Valentine decoration. I knew it must be mine. I love it (which is ironic since it's a Valentine's decoration, no?). So here she is in all of her glory....

The kiss ball

Moving on...this week's 52 Card Scrap-Up challenge was hosted by yours truely. I chose 'January Bliss' - what makes you happy in January. Here's my card.



It's currently snowing a little bit - which is a big deal for Salem. A snow day won't do me any good tomorrow though - it's teacher in-service day...we have to go come rain/shine/or snow.

'g night!
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Bethany said...

What a cute decorations... does it work like mistletoe? Oh, and I agree about the seat warmers! That and electric blankets :)

Erin said...

cute cute! I need to get working on my card...enjoy teacher inservice day!

Melissa said...

That is so cute! I may have to go to Target to look for one.

Kathryn got a new shirt today, and as soon as she saw it she said 'Mrs. Adams will love this!' So, she has already planned out that she will wear it Thursday for music. You'll have to make sure to comment as I'm sure she'll run into you first thing to show you!!!

Kelly said...

Cute kiss ball!
Oh snow in Salem. It's like rain in Boise. Nobody knows what to do.:)