Monday, January 14, 2008

52 Scrap Up & Other Things...

This past week's prompt was left open for 52 card Scrap-up. I chose to do a top 10 list of what I hope happens in the new year. You may be surprised by some of the agenda items on my list & of course some of them are completely out of my we shall see what happens.



This weekend I was bitten by the scrappy-bug. I received this in the mail on Friday night & I'm proud to say it's almost all used up!
I think I've put it to good use. Erin & My Andrea have been participating in this challenge & I decided I couldn't be left behind, so I created my book & caught up this weekend. What use to be a lovely cereal box is now my scrapbook cover. The challenge is posted here & will be updated weekly. We are coming up on week 3 & I'm ready. I will share the rest of the pages from this book in another post. For some reason I can only put up 4 pictures per post. Picasa...

Paper 08 Adventure book cover:

Week 1: Balance:

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