Thursday, January 03, 2008

52 Card Scrap-Up Week #12

This week's prompt was issued by My Andrea. She claimed that last Christmas prompt by using 'your favorite gift'. I chose one of the gifts Tim gave me which is a a subscription to this. I'm so excited to get my first kit! I already get I will have two - woo-hoo!



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Erin said...

hmm..i see your back to posting the early! I have mine half done, but I don't get my free morning tomorrow, so I'm not sure when I'll finish...maybe I should do it now. Haven't done my page of the day either...oh the list is long.....cute card by the way and I'm jealous of the kit, it looks like a good one this month!

Bethany said...

Of how fun! Those are the things that make me want to scrapbook (I'm talking real, not digital). I can barely keep up with keeping my photos organized right now. I'll have to settle for looking at your girls' cute cards :)