Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ladies Craft Night...

I've just returned home from ladies craft night at our church. This is the first Christmas that we will be at our new church & I'm excited to see all of their traditions. Apparently this is one of them & I'm a fan!! You come, eat some lovely treats, & make crafts! My good friends Amanda & Victoria joined me & we had a blast. We ended up making 3 crafts. Victoria decided it was like 'speed crafting' - which totally fits our evening. Look what we did:

We each made a rustic sign - I chose to hang mine in our entry way from the 'Joy' mirror.

We also made live center pieces. I LOVE this one - it's my favorite.

And since we had extra time & they had extra supplies we made a snowman. I'm not sure where to put him. Any ideas?
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Melissa said...

I say put the snowman on your porch right outside the front door. So cute! I love the sign and the table piece!

Erin said...

Great minds think alike I guess...I was going to say snowman outside too (where he can stay somewhat dry. He looks like maybe he could snuggle into a potted plant or something.

Andrea said...

HA ... well you know I already said outside, man your readers are brilliant!!

I love them all, so cute ... and I bet you're really glad you picked the "right" craft event to attend!

Grammy Faith said...

I think he needs to go next to the pond...with a sign that says "Koi are delicious!" ):