Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Beginning of...

silly pictures!! Here are our toes after the pedicure. I got a pretty flower - but it's hard to see in the pictures. My polish is called 'Have you seen my limo?' It's I brought it in with me & she added the flower. I also got a French manicure on my fingers. I haven't had my nails done for months...since I took off my acrylics that Laura did for me - it was a nice treat.

Andrea, we took this photo for you. We went to Super Target last night & it was AMAZING!!! We both need one...within 1 mile of our houses...or 1/2 mile... :)

Here is our other Christmas crafty project. We bought ornaments (you can read all of the details & see Erin's here) & finished them last night. I was discouraged when we first started as some of mine weren't turning out the way I'd planned...but it wasn't anything that a little ribbon & a change of attitude couldn't fix. :) I love them - & the GREAT news is that they all arrived safely from the plane. Hooray!

And here we are...with our toes in the air. That's right, we had nothing better to do - how great is that?!

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Erin said...

aaahhh, my favorite place..unfortunately it's about 4 miles from my house not 1...but it's a 5 minute drive without traffic you know!

Andrea said...

Love the Super Target picture ... maybe I'll take one similar when ours opens ... thankfully (for our budget) ours will be about 15 minutes away. Thanks for thinking of me ;).

And blah, blah, blah, the toes and shopping all sound very fun :P.