Sunday, November 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Mia!!

Happy birthday Melia!!

Today my youngest niece turns three. Three!! Crazy.

Laura & Mark had her party yesterday at their house & we had a fabulous time. Holly (Laura's sister-in-law) came over from MT with her baby - so cute! It was great to see them. Mia had a wonderful time opening presents & then seeing how quickly she could destroy them. :) It was a great party. The party theme was Little Einsteins & so my sister made a Rocket cake - very, very cool. Tim took lots of pictures of course - but they are still on his camera & he is sleeping right now, so you'll have to wait.

Laura also did my hair. Whew! A much needed fix. I now have my 'fall/winter' hair. I like to go darker in the fall/winter & more blond in the spring/summer. Silly, I know - but one of the perks when your sister is a hairstylist.

Speaking of, Laura got a job in a salon & begins on Friday. She's very excited. She will be working part time - hopefully enough to earn some extra cash without missing out on too much mommy time. I'll probably head in to her salon next time my hair needs attention.

I did take some photos of the new hair - but was unhappy with all of them, so again, you'll have to wait until my husband wakes up from his nap. I may or may not have also had a nap. I'm not telling...& the cats aren't talking.

Happy Sunday afternoon!!

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