Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Showering Kari...

Tonight our small group had the privilege of showering one of our own with baby goodness. Kari & Brett are expecting their first little one in about three weeks. Unfortunately, Kari is super sick...poor girl. But she made it to the shower & we went as fast we could so she could get back home & rest. Thanks SO much for coming tonight Kari!!

I promised I wouldn't post pics of her/the shower until she approved of them - so until I get the okay, I'll share with you some 'us' pics.

Here is my little pea & me in my new specs - self portrait. :)

The banner I made for Kari's little guy: Wyatt Reed T.

The little buggy I made for the centerpieces on the tables. I got my inspiration from My Andrea - she did a similar one for my shower. I love how these turned out - & they were super fun to make!

The delish ice cream cake. Nope...didn't make it - but thought that the place that did did a great job. And it tasted delightful. Mmmm.

More later...
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Erin said...

no wild flowers huh?

looks like a great shower.

Andrea said...

Adorable ... all of it!
The specs are great ... love the sparkles ;).

And the decorations look so cute, I'm glad she got to enjoy it!

Kari said...

Thanks again, Jessie! It was really fun...even with me feeling pretty lousy. And yes, the decorations were super cute. I have the W.R.T banner hanging in his room already. :)

joles family said...

Wow Jessie! She has grown up soooo much since Christmas! She went through quite a growing spurt! Amazing. And I didn't know she was already one! How time flies. I can't wait to see the birthday party pics! Love those cake shots!