Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The 'E' Party

Last Monday night (a week ago) we had a very special event at our house. An event that had never before been celebrated. An event so exciting that three of our guests (including one of the honored attendees) traveled over 500 miles to participate. What is this monumental event you ask? Are you ready for this?? It was an "E" Party. That's right. **And there was much rejoicing**

A few months ago My Andrea & I were chatting & we decided that we would do a joint birthday party for our 'E' 's and call it an E party. Andrea came prepared - she made each E their own shirt. I made an E birthday banner (which will be featured on a blog near you in the next week or so). We had balloons, presents, dinner, cake, & even other guests!! It was a super fun evening. Thanks Andrea, Matt, & Ethan for coming over so we could celebrate our E's together. I still can't believe my E is one year old...

Auntie Andrea & little E (as we referred to her for the day). :) Notice Eloise's hair-bow! Yeah...that lasted about 2 minutes...

'Big E' opening a present from 'Little E' . Are you confused yet? :)

Our E's

The carrot cake with two E's (yes, one big, one little, one pink, one blue) and age appropriate candles for each E:

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1 comment:

Andrea said...

Who knew I could love another "E" almost as much as I love mine?!?

I think this is the start of a great tradition :).

Thanks for letting us party it up while we were there, loves!