Friday, March 26, 2010

My Friday Two...

Gasp! I forgot one thing for my list yesterday - so I had to add it today and wouldn't you know, I thought of something else on top of that, hence the 'Friday Two'.

1. Auntie A made a baby bunny for Eloise's birthday & it's just the sweetest little thing. It sleeps in Eloise's crib with her & when she wakes up, she begins to drag the bunny around the which point the bunny loses it's blankie & becomes a little naked & cold. :) Here are some pics of Miss Sophia loving on the bunny:

So sweet:
You can also see more pictures of this bunny & order your own here.

2. I *may* have bought fabric last night with Miss Amanda to make a table runner for my table. Yikes! What was I thinking?? :) Should be a fun project as long as I can have help...right Amanda Pants? :)

That's it for today - happy weekend!
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Andrea said...

Bwahahahaha ... you bought fabric, that's funny ;). Good Luck Amanda ... just kidding Jess, I hope it works beautifully and you get the sewing bug :).

And I'm so happy Ella likes her bunny, it's a one of a kind at this point ... and because I can't sell from the pattern, only those near and dear will get them as gifts :).

Happy Friday!