Sunday, March 07, 2010

11 Months!

Well, I guess technically, she's now 11 1/2 months old. WOW! Here are some 11 month pictures with her elephant. Have you seen how the elephant has shrunk this year? Amazing. Kelly - I think you should get your money back for this shrinking elephant. :)

Elephant pictures are much more entertaining with only one shoe on....

And that goes for socks too...

Next, I will attack the elephant...

Times up!! I'm outta here!

This month:

Eloise is loving books. She'll sit in my lap for a long time reading Noah's Ark (her fav), and almost any other book. It should be noted that Noah is always first. :)

She is mimicking what we do. Today she was coughing after I'd cough - so cute.

She has a new bff (watch out Sophia & Grace!). The neighbor girl next door (she's 8) loves to come 'play' with Eloise. She called a few weeks ago to ask if E could play. She wanted me to know that her homework was all done & so were her chores, so she could come over right then. How cute is that? She came over yesterday to play with E. They had lots of fun.

She's a great eater. She's loving Cutie oranges right now - eating between 4-5 a day!

Sleeping from 6:30 pm - 8:00 am with two 3 hour naps the past few days. Growing? I think so.

Got her first cold last week. Poor baby! Still has it a little bit, but she's feeling much better now.

Is starting to pull up on things.

Is fine with army crawling. No incentive or motivation to get up on those hands & knees...

Giggles & laughs when 'wrestling' with Daddy - SO cute.

Gets compliments from random strangers every time we go anywhere on how pretty she is. I think so too. :D

Has discovered how to arch her back & throw her head back when she doesn't get what she wants. Nice.

Her mama is getting excited planning her first birthday party - what an absolute joy this year has been!!
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Melissa said...

Gosh, that shrinking elephant is the darndest thing!! : )

Love the 11 month update and look at all that hair Eloise has!! : )

Andrea said...

Yikes! Stop posting these!! Along with that shrinking elephant, Eloise seems to be loosing that 'baby' look. I think you better get your money back or before you know it she'll be 6!

Can't wait to play with her in a few days!

The Arizona Blake Family said...

She really is so beautiful! Has it really almost been a year? WOW!

amanda said...

almost one, almost 1 ... can't believe it! what a doll she is. looking forward to the one year celebration post, sure to be a fabulous day indeed!

Erin said...

she looks so big these days. Can't wait to see her in April!