Monday, March 22, 2010


Whew! It's been a busy & wonderful couple of weeks - which will help explain my absence on the blog. So sorry to my 2 faithful readers for my delayed posts. :)

Last weekend (3/14) we went to Portland to meet up with some of my favorite girls: Amanda, Laura & My Andrea (who came all of the way from ID to participate in what I'm about to tell you) & Laura's super sweet friend Leigh. Why the meet up in Portland at 7:30 AM on the day that we switched back to Daylight savings time?? For the 5K Shamrock Run of course!! This was my first 'race' (if you can even call it that for me) & I was so excited & nervous. I'm so proud to say that I ran the whole race & I did it in about 37 minutes. Not too bad especially since my only goal was not to walk. 3.2 miles under my belt officially. I'm now looking into running at least one more 5K in May or June & then again in September. Who knew that I would get the running bug? And...since I didn't walk, I'd like to now proclaim that I'm "Almost A Runner Girl" - our team name for the race - & I no longer 'wog' or 'wun'. :)

Here are some pics from our beautiful & fun day. Thank you again girls (& Ben) for all of your encouragement, support, & above all friendship - you girls are the best!!

Me & my #1 cheerleader just across the finish line:

Laura & Leigh (on the right hand side) stayed with me the whole race & were SO encouraging & wonderful to run at my slow pace!:

Our group 'The Almost Runner Girls' (Ben was a good sport!) :

My Andrea & me:

I'll be back with one more post about the birthday party that was on Saturday...hard to believe my little sweet pea is going to be ONE tomorrow!!
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Andrea said...

So happy I could join you for your first run :). You are an official 'almost runner girl.' I'm not sure what will make us official runner girls?!?!

I had a wonderful time with you and miss you tons already. Good thing I get to see you soon ;).

Erin said...

Looks like you all had a great time. Good job Jessie! I am most definitely not a runner girl.