Sunday, December 06, 2009


That's right...Thanksmas. This year, we spent 'Thanksgiving' with Tim's side of our family. We rented a beach house & enjoyed a wonderful week spending time together. We decided that we would celebrate Christmas while everyone was all together, so we called our holiday ' Thanksmas'. We have coined a new tradition in the Adams family...we think we will celebrate this grand holiday again next year (plus Jeff & I were SUPER excited to open presents a month early - how great is that??). :) And don't worry - it's very different from Festivus.

Richard passing out presents for Thanksmas:

Daddy helping Eloise open her presents:

Her 'new best friend' as Auntie Kim calls it - her sit & play from Papa & Grandma Faith:

The adorable hat Faith made her:

More pictures coming soon!
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joles family said...

Yikes Anonymous writer. I hope you can delete them. Anyway....
Eloise is super cute! It is amazing how much she has grown in such a short time! Can't wait to see her again! Miss you tons!

Andrea said...

You'll post more soon? As in you scheduled the next 3 posts when you did them all in one sitting? :P

I'm glad you guys had a great time ... but I really missed you, especially on Black Friday ... boo. You might have to break tradition :).

Faith said...

Just looking again...Whose toes are those?