Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Recap Part 2?

[Editor's note: the reason why there weren't any pictures between the first and second shot below is: Eloise was napping! Tough to have cute baby shots when the baby just isn't in the frame. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming...]

Oh goodness...I knew I wasn't being good at taking photos on Christmas Day, but only two more to share, really? Yikes. The scrapper inside of me is upset right now. Ah well, it doesn't diminish the memories we had at Christmas, just makes this blog post a little less interesting. :)

We had a wonderful breakfast & dinner at Bill & Martha's house before heading back home for a relaxing evening. The day after Christmas, Laura & the girls came over & we headed to the mall. Yikes. The day after Christmas shopping with a baby = a stressed out mama. We lasted 2 1/2 hours, then I called it quits. We enjoyed visiting with my parents for the next 2 days before taking them back up to Vancouver to spend the remainder of their time at Mark & Laura's house. We are heading over there tomorrow to hang out for a little while before mom & dad fly out Wednesday.

Lesson learned from Christmas #1 - take more photos next year! Duly noted...

Here is the best gift I've ever received:

Playing with her new rings (thank you Auntie Andrea) & Melia's pillow pet. :)

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Kelly said...

I like the bow on the baby bum :)

Andrea said...

Seriously! Santa forgot to leave me one of those under the tree. I want a bow-bottom baby too :).

Love my babes said...

Such a cutie and such a great mix of you and Tim:o)