Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Recap Part 1:

What a wonderful Christmas we had!! My parents came from ID to join us & then have spent several days after with us. We are so blessed by having our families come to visit. Thank you Mom & Dad for coming! We spent part of Christmas Eve at Mark & Laura's house, hanging out & chatting - then we made the trek (with parents in tow) back to Salem. We had a yummy dinner catered by the Wild Pear for Christmas Eve dinner, then it was off to church for our Candlelight service. It was a beautiful service & I'm sure that I would have gotten more out of it, but my little sweet pea decided that when people sing, she must join we spent a lot of time at the back of the church (because the 'singing' continued even after they stopped). :)

When we got home after service, Eloise was exhausted, so she went to bed & we opened a few presents. I was spoiled rotten this year by family & friends. Thank you all for the wonderful gifts - reminders of how precious all of you are to me/us!!

Christmas morning Eloise woke up & it was time for her 1st ever stocking! She even helped open presents - I think she preferred ripping the paper over the actual gift. Ah well.

Opening stockings:

After presents were opened, we packed up for the day & headed to Corvallis to spend the day with my sister & her in-laws. We had a wonderful/relaxing/lovely day with them. Eloise arrived in style with her candy cane hat (thank you Phil & Melinda!). (Please ignore me in this photo - this was before hair/make-up). :)

I will post more photos & the rest of the recap soon.
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Kelly said...

Whatever Jess! You look cute! But maybe not as cute as that little girl in the candy cane hat! :) The church looked beautiful! I think it's great that you all spend holidays with Mark's family!

Andrea said...

Too very cute girls :).

So happy you had the Christmas I know you've wanted for awhile now ... at your home, with your family and especially now with Miss E.

Amanda said...

Wish I looked that good without makeup! Two pretty girls. :-)

Stac said...

Such cutie patootie girls! Hugs