Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Cookies!

Last week Eloise & I went to visit Auntie Cole at her house. It was the first time Eloise had been to her house & we had a wonderful time! We made Christmas cookies, helped decorate her house for Christmas, chatted, & enjoyed our evening. Thanks Auntie Cole for having us over!!

Fancy cookies that we made - I can't remember the name of them, but Nicole can tell you...I'd never had them before either & they were delish! Thanks again Nicole for expanding our cookie knowledge & for a fun evening! xoxo

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ChoirPres said...

Spritz Cookies!!!! And I'm so glad you liked them. Can't wait till Princess BabyPants is big enough to help =) Someday we'll be able to sit back and drink a glass of wine while the bambino decorates the cookies!


Kelly said...

Cute little apron she's wearing. Looks familiar. :)
Those cookies are delicious! Looks like you guys had fun!

Andrea said...

HA! I said "Spritz Cookies" to myself before I looked. You do know that they are one of the easiest cookies, yes? I forget to break out my cookie press, but I should ... all the cute without having to cut and ice and decorate :).

Cute girls in that photo :). Ella will need her own apron for the next baking day!

Erin said...

oh geez. How do you not know about spritz cookies? My mom made them every year and Shawn's grandma makes them every year and sends us a big boxful. He's pretty much put a HUGE dent in that boxful already.

Tom and Holly said...

would the makers like to share their recipe? they're so pretty!