Thursday, January 01, 2009

So sad...but with a silver lining...

Tonight I took down our Christmas decorations. I opted out of a tree this year since we were going to be gone, but I put all of the other decorations up. And now they are gone. So sad.

But to make myself (& my home) not seem so dull, I decorated for Valentine's Day. That's right. I did - judge me if you want, I like it.

Has anyone seen my ankles?!? They disappeared on the trip home from Idaho, and I haven't seen them since. Yes, some of the swelling has gone down, but not gone away. And now my fingers think that they should play along too. My wedding ring was digging so deeply into my finger today that it left 3 rings in my skin & made my finger look like a sausage. So sad.

But, again to make myself feel better, I know that swelling is part of pregnancy, I was just hoping it wouldn't happen to me. :) I am thrilled however that I have a happy healthy baby cakes growing inside of me. AND, Tim & I went shopping today, so I splurged & spent a whole $6.99 on a new wedding ring. That's right - a new one. Think the diamonds are real? I do...

The battery died in my camera so I can't get the Christmas pictures from it off. Not yet anyway...the battery is currently charging. Maybe later tonight? And, My Andrea, I was thinking, I don't think we took any pictures together this time. Shocking, I know, but so sad.

Silver lining here?!? The battery will re-charge, I know that I will see My Andrea again soon , so she will have to remember to have us take pictures together. (Everybody knows that I can't be trusted to remember anything these days...).

I don't fit in my office space very comfortably Tim bought a lap top for me to use in the living room, car, or wherever I want. How great is that?! So, this blog is currently being brought to you from my living room...complete with pillows behind & beside me (that goes for cats as well). Thank you love!

So you see, all my sads aren't really too bad, since they all have something happy to go along with them. I'm hoping that the new year will be just the same.

Happy New Year everyone! May your year be filled with lots of love, happiness, & good health.

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Erin said...

I'm sorry your ankles have disappeared but at least it's for a good reason, right? I to am sitting in the living room as I type this comment...isn't the laptop much more convenient? Hmmm...I am sad however that I don't get a girls night with you and Andrea....