Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Setting The Stage...

This weekend I had my first baby shower. Did you catch that? A baby shower for me...wow.
And oh my did they go all out. My Andrea, my cousin Stacie, Bethany, & Kelly out did themselves in throwing this party. It was beautiful, the food was delightful, & other than tearing up once (I blame Bethany) I made it through without crying! :) 
Thank you ladies for making & planning such a wonderful celebration for me & baby Ella. What a wonderful family & friends I have, although, I already knew that...

Here are the first set of pics-

The goodies

Some flowers & cute buggies that My Andrea made to go with them...

Super fun balloons:

Some of the presents on display...

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Andrea said...

Thank you so much for flying over here for the festivities. It was a delight to host it for you (especially with my WONDERFUL co-hosts, Stacie, Bethany & Kelly). I think it was perfectly relaxed and happy ... celebrating you and little miss! Now you're all practiced and will be ready for your next ones.

Where's a picture of all your loot?!? ;).

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